WEEK IN REVIEW: 02.09.15 - 02.15.15

 Planner: Webster's Pages Color Crush Planner (Light Teal; though my photo is very washed out)
INSERTS: Inserts that came with the planner

 I received this planner on Monday. I was super excited about it but the rings...are a little gappy, I, also, ordered one for my friend. But this one is for me. 

I've been working on getting my subscriptions out as soon as possible. I had a LOT of fiascos that happened for this month's subscription :( and it had stressed me out so badly:

1. The indie companies' I asked were later than usual. I'm not blaming them (this sounds really passive aggressive and I don't mean it to be) because I know they had a lot of things going on in their lives too.

2. One of the indie companies' I ordered from was actually supposed to be in the January one but because of some issues, she said she'll be ready for February instead. But...after messaging her over and over again... And not getting any replies back... :/ I had to cancel it since I was waiting since December. But I did receive a refund.

3. I ordered SUPER DUPER cute packaging for February in DECEMBER! My theme for February was supposed to be: Rococo Romance. But because of all the fiascos (read on), including this one... it just became a generic Valentine's Day one. Anyway, the packaging literally arrived a few days ago. :/ I had already shipped out half of the subscriptions with my backup packaging...

4. The art. I wasn't able to draw this month's because of the above and because I had gotten sick with the flu. Everything had been prepacked before I had gotten sick, so YAY but still... I needed the art for labels and the little pamphlet that I included. I asked a few friends to help me with the art but because one of them replied first, I chose her. I told her that I needed it by the end of January. Which gave her a month.... Going with the theme of the February subscription disaster: No, she didn't finish on time. So, I had to do a last minute decision which I didn't want to do. And that was to use the art I did for last year's February subscription. 

5. I also had to find new packaging for all the subscriptions...

6. While I started the last shipments for the subscription, my printer died. So, I had to borrow a friend's printer but I don't know what is wrong with the settings or whatever. (I'm technologically challenged) Basically, a shipping label sheet has 2 blank labels on them. You print on one side, then you flip the sheet over and print on the other side. 

What happened was... after every 2 of printing correctly, it would SWITCH so that it would print directly ONTO a shipping label (that was created) which ruined BOTH labels. And every time you ship, it would take money out of the account. I had to do so many refunds and emails informing everyone what was going on. Because of this, a few indie owner friends of mine suggested I get a special label printer. I'm waiting for it now. It should be here... in a few weeks. I also had to purchase a new printer because...well... I need to print things too that's not on a shipping label. Lol.

 Sorry for the major RANT. I was just super frustrated with late January/early February. Anyway, moving on!

Both of my dad's cars (one is a work truck and the other is just a regular ... driving around car :P) had been having problems lately. The driving around car... has been having issues for months. But finally, after 4 mechanics visits (to different ones!), it's fixed! The most recent one, my Dad's work truck... we had to go pick that up. It kind of died in the middle of the street -_-; That was kind of scary. I had to pick him up and we had to tow it to a shop somewhere my Dad's friend recommended. But it was fixed a few days ago and so far, it's perfectly fine. So far... 

I did think it was kind of funny that when he went to pick it up, they gave him 3 calendars. Two were sexy ladies. Lol!

 I included a project life card. It's my waiting list (orders / shipments for my subscription)

 I wanted to use my stamps again. After using the diyFish inserts and the Personal Planner; I realize I like the vertical weekly inserts. I really don't like these horizontal ones. 

My Valentine's Day sticker. Super cute. 

Anyway, that's all for now. Sorry for the rant. 

Side Note: I'm not liking the Color Crush Planner. The inserts (well... minus the WO2P ones) I do like. But the actual binder... I don't. 


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