WEEK IN REVIEW: 02.16.15 - 02.22.15 [Extremely rambling post :P]

Don't hate me because I'm late!
Planner: 2014 Punctuate Planner (Just the binder. Got this on clearance and use it for storing inserts)
INSERTS: Webster's Pages Color Crush Planner Inserts

I was having indecisiveness on Monday. I had just unbound the personal-planner and punched it to put into my Filofax Clipbook. But, I didn't want to stop using these inserts because I'm in love with them. (Not really the WO2P inserts since they're kind of...boring... but the other ones and their dividers). So, I used BOTH! (though, I'm only showing this one mainly because by Wednesday; I just ended up only using this one).  

On Tuesday, I had to call T-Mobile. I have an employee discount (of sorts) and I just added a line (for my Mom). For some odd reason, the discount didn't apply and I was charged MORE than a regular plan PLUS the added line costs! I had to call them up and ask what was going on. -_-; I guess it didn't automatically change over but she corrected it. Whew! Scared me! 

I'm ordering, (yes, another planner! BUT!!! READ ON! -->) a Van der Spek planner with 30mm rings! (BIG RINGS!) This will be for my online store's planner. The current one I'm using: Filofax Original is stuffed to the brim. Unfortunately, all the inserts in it I must keep! 

Honestly, I planned on getting it but wasn't sure when. But, Van der Spek had a sale (14% off! I haven't seen a sale on them ever! Except then :P) and I thought I would jump at it. Now, the impatient waiting game... (It'll probably be 3 more weeks as of today since these are custom made -- by hand). 

But because of feeling like I have a billion planners now (I should do a "current planner family post"), I'm in the process of selling 4 of them (well...3, now, since one sold: and that's the Color Crush planner). 

 Lunar New Year! Most of my family are in San Francisco. We don't even have a big family. My parents gave me red envelopes, my aunt and uncle (who live a few blocks away) came over and celebrated for a bit. 

On Friday, I had a PTO (Paid Time Off). I went and hung out with the BF who took me to this little tiny burger place and had amazing YELP reviews. We hung around at his place and watched "Kingsman" at the theater. That was a fun movie! Though, I found Samuel L. Jackson to be very annoying in that movie -_-;;;;;;

I was talking to one of the managers and we were talking about days off and it's true what he said. I should've taken the day off on Saturday instead of Friday. (I was picking random days; had to use them up. <--use them or lose them) Saturdays at my job are extremely stressful. It seems as if the universe wants to go to our store on that day! And because I have mid-shift... I'm always there during the busiest rushes and am by myself! (I cover the opener's lunch and I cover the closers' lunch; so I'm left by myself). It's just really stressful. 

Anyway, LUCKILY, I worked in Audit on Saturday! Mwahahahahahaha! Which meant I was stuck in a little office by myself :D Though, there's a lot of work to be done in there and the only stress I have in there is if I'm typing things correctly and doing it ON TIME (there are time limits to what time things need to be done by). And from what I heard (the Audit office is located in the middle of my department and I can hear and kind of see what's going on in my department), it was crazy.

We have new hires starting on Monday and NORMALLY, I'm the one that calls them. We usually get the new hire lists on Friday and because I wasn't there, I wasn't sure if anyone called them and it looked like no one did. 

J and I are the only ones that know how to train new hires. Like I said, normally, I'm the one that normally calls the new hires since J usually goes home by the time the new hire list comes out. J doesn't work on weekends and because I was in Audit, I wasn't able to do it. 

On Sunday, I spent half of my shift trying to find the new hires' applications because they weren't where they were. Even my manager couldn't find them. I had to call around all the departments to see if they had them (sometimes, they just take them! Ugh! So annoying!) but no one did. Finally, J answered her texts that we all sent her and she said "Yes! I called them already and the applications are hiding in a file cabinet that's not in our department" <--no wonder we couldn't find them. -_-;

Sorry for the incredibly rambling post. For some odd reason, I actually remembered a lot of last week. Lol! 

I wasn't able to post this on my usual day (Sundays) because I was working on some last minute things and helping my Dad. 

I'm still not sure if I'm going to continue using the WO2P inserts... But this current week, I'm using them. Lol... We'll see. I'm so indecisive!


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