03.20.15 - Planner Stickers from Etsy (Haul)

I had been looking at Erin Condren planner videos lately. I've seen how people decorate them with awesome stickers that fit perfectly into each box. It made me wonder if it'll work for my Personal-Planner. 

I went on an Etsy Planner Sticker spree. Well, I added a bunch to my cart but never purchased. Fast forward a few months later... and I purchased some. I'm still waiting on one sheet of stickers but according to their feedback, it'll be a month... I think I should just cancel it. :/ 

Don't mind some of the empty spots, yes...I have started using them already :P

This is from Libbieandco I had seen someone use these and I thought they were pretty neat. I'd rather have a big sticker that says CANCELLED or RESCHEDULED than having it crossed out.
I like the quality and how they're cut perfectly. And yes, they fit perfectly in the box of my Personal-Planner.

This was purchased at OneOrangeSnowflake

Honestly, I didn't need this one. Lol But I had been looking at ones that fit perfectly into a column of my planner. Since I'm loving the mint and gold combinations lately, I decided to choose this one.
Don't let the photo fool you. It's a little more pale than I thought it would be and I WISH it was actually glittery...

Oh dear gawds I was super excited to receive this one from PlannerChickDesigns. Seriously in love with this seller's store and stickers. Great quality, incredibly cute!!! I mean, look at it!
Love the colors and the font! Look at the adorable tabs!!! :P

She also included tiny little extras! 
All of my samples laid out...

Another super cute store: Paperbey This time, I purchased two different sheets of stickers. Honestly, I don't remember why I bought the TV ones since I don't really watch TV. Lol....what's wrong with me?
Closeups of the adorable TVs

Shipping boxes from Paperbey
Shipping boxes

Paperbey also included a cute handwritten notecard and these sample stickers

I purchased a themed set for April from CreatingandCo
This color scheme is so cute. I love it.
Cancelled and Rescheduled stickers, color coding dots, and dew drops...
Here are some flags (?) that were free. 
I like how CreatingandCo does their cuts literally on the line of their images. 
Check off boxes and banners...
I love that they're hearts and not squares or circles.

Last but not least is ObsessedwithCute. I purchased the most from her because I loved her stickers!

I mean...COME ON! Look at how adorable that is!!!

More Planner-type stickers...

Lol, there's a little bow on it's head

Laundry stickers!!! YAY!!!

Grocery shopping stickers

These llama stickers are the ones that made me want to order from this shop. Lol, these are super cute. 

Like I've said above, I've already started using them (I couldn't help it :P). All the ones that are shown here were shipped incredibly fast. I was surprised at Paperbey the most because they're located in Canada and were the first ones I received from which is pretty darn fast.

Honestly, I don't know if I'll get any more. I have a bunch of stickers already and I have my planner stamps too... I just wanted to get the llamas the most though ;P


  1. Thanks for sharing my stickers on your blog :) I hope you continue to love them!
    -Paige @ Creating&Co


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