Happie Planner Kit A5 Planner Kit (March 2015)

YES!~ It's here! And this time, I didn't rip it open before posting! Though, honestly, I wasn't able to. I picked this up at my PO BOX before my shift started but they closed the exit, where I needed to exit, on the freeway. Since they were doing so much construction around that area there was some traffic. Let's just say I got to work on time but I wasn't able to check out my goodies ;___; I really rambled there :P

The pile of goodies and there is a definite difference to last month's pile. 

A roll of adorable polka dot washi tape. I kind of have a thing for polka dots :P So this makes me stupidly happy

A pen! YESSSSS! 
It's a black gel pen. Last month's pen I completely used up. I'm hoping this one will last longer :P

A rubber stamp... roller (?)...thing.
What the stamp designs include...

Sticky notes! I've seen them before and always thought they were adorable so I'm quite happy to receive this :P

Teddy Bear Pen Holder! Including this one, I have 3 now. A mint, lavender, and this red one. I think these are adorable and very useful

Sticky notes! I have a lot of sticky page flags and larger sticky notes. These are my first sticky notes that are around the medium size. Definitely love it. 

...This amuses me...SO MUCH! I can't even tell you why! These are magnetic page markers

Sticky flags. These are pretty thin and small. Smaller than the ones you normally see. o_o; There are so many pigs there... They look like pigs in a blanket :P

The page marker that Sam made herself :)

Star stickers. Could be used for color coding or...decorating (duh :P)

Hole reinforcements with heart designs on them

Another one that amused me greatly! I loved this so much I took photos and showed them to my friends and they thought I was insane. *sigh* I need more stationery friends ;P Anyway, these are hole reinforcement stickers also but this time with people

I had to post a closeup..these are just so cute and funny :P

Rilakkuma tab stickers

Owl stickers. Am I the only person that isn't really into owls??? O_o; I mean, sure these are cute but... I would never have picked these out myself.

The last thing in this month's kit is this sack of sticker sheets.

Lol! I love the monkey one :D
These are just too cute. I love the sticker that's directly above the "sweet" photo. The one with the "incredulous"-type face LOL.

Anyway! That's all for this month. I'm definitely happier with this month's subscription! I can't wait to see what comes in next. Plus, I haven't bought stationery items in a long time MWAHAHAHAHAHA!


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