Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet: All the Men I Can't Have - British Edition (February 2015)

Trying to be on time this time! >_>; I received this last week and I was super excited but I decided to hold off on opening it until this post. Also, I've been good and didn't look at spoilers (since some people received it before me) but I think it could be because I was busy.

This bag is quite adorable.

Is that Tom Hardy? I think it's awesome to see him in more movies. I remember seeing him in Band of Brothers and the next time I saw him again was in Inception and I was thinking...wait a minute... I swear he was in Band of Brothers.... YEP! I was right! That was completely random :P

I didn't receive any samples/hints for next month's subscription theme but it's okay :) I really don't mind :P

Here are the items

Dear Diary (Crush Kisser)
Dear Diary
Dear Diary

Apparently, there was an issue with the Crush Kisser Balm and they posted it on Facebook:

PSA about Febuary's VC!! Lavender Vanilla was used in small amounts in the secret flavoring of our Crush Kisser. Don't eat your balms because this flavor oil matured in our balm base and does not have a pleasant taste. This will be corrected in the March VC by using the same flavor mix without lavender vanilla. In the meantime, I know a lot of you love the scent. Our handcrafted balm base can also be used as a solid perfume base too.

Honestly, I haven't tried it yet... It does smell like grape candy/grape soda to me.

Onto the eyeshadows. Everything is swatched under an LED light and over UDPP

I guess that there were a lot of complaints about the January 2015 color: Pureheart and she included a revision of it. Honestly, I thought it was purposefully sheer. But I had no problem with that. Anyway, here's the revised version
Pureheart (2)

This is the original one that came in the January 2015 subscription: Pureheart 

I swatched them side by side
L-R: Pureheart (2) and Pureheart
L-R: Pureheart (2) and Pureheart

As you can see. Pureheart (2) is definitely more pigmented and brighter than the original one. 
Pureheart (2) - Purple that has red and purple shimmers
Pureheart - Sheer muted purple that has red and purple shimmers

Alright, here's the set for February 2015! Who's excited?

Lustful Lincoln
Lustful Lincoln

Captivating Cumberbatch
Captivating Cumberbatch

L-R: Lustful Lincoln and Captivating Cumberbatch
L-R: Lustful Lincoln and Captivating Cumberbatch

Lustful Lincoln is a satin-y burnt orange that has copper shimmers
Captivating Cumberbatch is a plum toned brown that has blue sparkles and has gold, red, and copper shimmers

Handsome Hiddleston
Handsome Hiddleston

Hell Hot Hardy
Hell Hot Hardy

L-R: Handsome Hiddleston and Hell Hot Hardy 
L-R: Handsome Hiddleston and Hell Hot Hardy 

Handsome Hiddleston is a deep forest green that has gold and green sparkles and has red shimmers
Hell Hot Hardy is a gray that has a greenish undertone and has a strong blue duochrome (hard to capture on camera :( )

Enticing Elba
Enticing Elba

Enticing Elba
Enticing Elba
Enticing Elba (blurred so you could see the sparkles)

Enticing Elba is a periwinkle purple that has red, gold, and copper shimmers.

Overall, I really liked this theme. It's so cute! Though, I don't have any idea who "Elba" is. (Will google later) I really love the colors that came in this subscription. My favorites were Enticing Elba and Hell Hot Hardy


  1. Elba will probably be Idris Elba (though I'm guessing google told you already). He was in Pacific Rim/Thor/Luther/The Wire etc :)

    1. I kind of had a feeling it was him but I wasn't sure :D Thank you for commenting


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