WEEK IN REVIEW: 03.02.15 - 03.08.14

 PLANNER: Gillio Firenze Mat Croco Grey (new version)
Inserts: Color Crush Planner Pages Inserts

Wait...what? When did I get a Gillio again? More later...

 A few months ago, for some reason... I really wanted a Gillio again. But the one I really wanted was a Pocket sized Mia Cara. I joined the Gillio Facebook Groups again. Someone was selling their Mat Croco Grey (new version). Honestly, I love the color of the new version more than the original. So I asked if she could lower the price... but she couldn't. 

Fast forward a few months later, she messaged me and I guess it wasn't selling and she accepted my first offer. Taa daa! It arrived the previous week and I moved right in (Especially since I sold my Color Crush planner). 

This is the week that my subscriptions start up too. Whenever my subscription starts up, most of what you'll see in my planners are these items:
  •  i+t Lists (Updating addresses on my list so it's easier for me to copy and paste the address into my shipping program than looking it up every single time)
  • i+t Orders (Regular orders through my store: Pack and ship)
  • i+t Subs (Subscriptions: Pack and ship)
  • i+t Invoices (I like to write out my invoices)
  • and of course the very self-explanatory: SHIP ORDERS
I wanted to make some new inserts for my i+t (online store) planner. I noticed that whenever the cycle for the subscription comes up, I get a ton of messages about changes to their addresses. Sometimes, they might even want to change the size (I have 2 different sizes) of their subscription.
But unfortunately, I didn't have the time to do that.

My friend and I hadn't hung out, outside of work, in a while. So we made plans on Tuesday to have lunch at Arigatous (a local Japanese restaurant). That was quite fun :D We originally wanted sushi (we have been craving for weeks) but ended up getting bento boxes. Lol. Why does that always happen?

Honestly, I haven't posted my WEEK IN REVIEW posts lately because my schedule has been drastically changing. And at the last minute. Because of the last minute changes, I would have to rush to work on my orders so I could ship them off the next day. 

Not much decorating going on either. But that's because... I don't know. I haven't had the desire to decorate. I mean, yes these pages are decorated by they were done a week before and I could've added more decorations but I didn't. I think it's because I really don't like these WO2P inserts. In fact because of that reason... I'm switching back to my personal-planner for this current week.

*sigh* This week needs to be over. I won't have a day off until Thursday... ;___; I would be working 6 days straight... And yes, my schedule is completely different -_-;


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