WEEK IN REVIEW: 03.09.15 - 03.15.15

PLANNER: Filofax Original (A5) in Patent Black
INSERTS: Personal-Planner

Yes, back in my Personal Planner

On Sunday, there was a sale on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone (at my job)and my dad had been wanting a phone so I told him about it. He went and bought it. While I was setting it up (after work), his friend called him to inform him of a death. My dad being INCREDIBLY superstitious wanted to return the phone. He said it was extremely bad luck! 

Because he paid in cash (I didn't know!); he wanted it back in cash. We have a policy that if they return something that's over $500 in cash... it has to be sent to them as a check. But my Dad needed the money. Since I work in my department, I know how to change it so that we could put it back on a Credit Card/Debit card. And that's what we did. We put it back on my account and I went to the bank to withdraw money from my bank. I completely forgot I had bills to pay -_-;  And returning things back on the cards takes a few days. 

*sigh* Luckily! Some went back to my account ASAP!
Maybe that phone really was bad luck. On Tuesday night, at around 3am; I heard a noise outside. It's been hot lately so my windows were open. My room faces the front towards the street. Anyway, I didn't think anything of it but I heard the noise again. This time, I was mighty suspicious cuz the last time... my Dad's car alarm went off. 

So I turned on my lamp and looked out my window. I heard someone put something into their trunk and drove off. I couldn't see anything. There's a pillar that blocks my view of the direction I was looking at (towards the driveway). I didn't think anything of it.

My dad woke me up early on Wednesday because he needed me to drive him to the mechanic's cuz his car's brakes were acting up and we needed to drop off his car to get it fixed. As we were leaving the house, I noticed something weird on the ground and I saw both my Dad's truck windows smashed in. We left since it's way across town during rush hour traffic.

But when we came back, my Dad realized that they stole his tools (he's a contractor). My family thinks that there are some individuals seeking out people who are contractors and stealing from them. It hasn't happened to just us (this is our 3rd time). It's happened to other contractors in the neighborhood. :/

I started up drawing my Paradise Kiss art again. I've been in a crappy mood and just needed to draw. Since *cough* HINT April's subscription's art won't be done by me...I had some time. 

Anyway, that's all for now. My seasonal allergies are starting to act up and my schedule is quite wonky again. See you next week :)


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