WEEK IN REVIEW: 03.16.15 - 03.22.15

 PLANNER: A5 Filofax Original (Patent Black)
INSERTS: Personal-Planner

 I had a paid personal day this week. YAY! Super excited!

My Dad's truck died on Monday night. On Tuesday morning, my dad made an appointment to take it to his mechanic. I drove behind him. There wasn't a problem... until we got onto the freeway. -_-; My dad started driving really slow, at 40 mph (it's a 65 mph zone); then he turned on his hazard lights. I'm like Oh great... We eventually got off the freeway and drove slowly through the streets and finally arrived. I admit, it was kind of scary...

On Wednesday, we found out my cousin bought a house and they wanted my Dad to help them fix it up before they moved in. Unfortunately, they wanted their move in date to be on the 26th! But we were stressing about the fact about my Dad having no car. His other car was already in the shop. (He has 2; one for work and one for driving around). So he called his other mechanic, and told them to hold off on working on his car; I had to drive him to get it. He said "I have no choice...I need another car. I need to work at your cousin's...and other places...."

I didn't think anything of it. I assumed he meant in a month or something.

Wednesday was also my PTO (Paid Time Off). Originally, I planned on going to San Francisco (by myself ;___; so sad). I needed to get some baggies for my subscriptions. [Luckily, my friend saved the day and sent me her stash! She didn't mind Whew!] But because of all the car issues; I couldn't go anywhere too far.

I ended up going to the Vacaville Premium Outlets just to walk around. Then, I wandered to a mall about 20 minutes from where I live. (Not the local one).

Anyway, by the time I came home... O_o; there was a brand spanking new SHINY (very shiny! it was at night and I could see the shinnne) truck in the driveway. I thought it was funny that it's super tall. And being from a family of shorties... we have a hard time climbing into it. My dad had to order a running board (should be here sometimes this week?) for it. We, literally, need a step stool.

They left on Thursday morning. At the last minute, I texted a few friends to see if they wanted to go to get sushi for dinner. We haven't gone in a long time. One of them replied and the others didn't. So sad... 

I went to the local mall about an hour before I had to meet up with April. The mall is near the sushi place. I had to return something and ended up buying a pair of work pants. Lol. >__>;

From Friday - yesterday; I honestly didn't do much. Feeling lazy. My parents did come back on Friday because apparently my Dad's truck (one that broke down on Monday Night) was fixed and they wanted him to pick it up. 

I haven't been feeling well the last few days either. I went home early on Friday and came home and rested... I was thinking about doing the same on Saturday but one of the other supervisors did it before me so I wasn't able to. Yesterday, I was definitely feeling better. People think I had a stomach virus.

Wow I rambled. Anyway, I really like the planner stickers. I also really like how I decorated this page. I want to try and make my planners super cute (and functional...because what's the point of it being a planner). Though this week is the start of my subscriptions... 


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