04.25.15 - Tilt/Shift Cosmetics

For my subscription in April, I had Tilt/Shift Cosmetics as one of my guest indies. I haven't tried them before but she sent some extras to me as a thank you and thought I would swatch them.

I know that Tilt/Shift Cosmetics has a few fandom collections and I would link to them but her site is down currently (as of today).
Everything is swatched over UDPP and in indirect sunlight
Bad Blood

L-R: Vulcan and Bad Blood
L-R: Vulcan and Bad Blood
L-R: Vulcan and Bad Blood

Vulcan is a matte brown that has a burgundy undertone
Bad Blood is a brown with a red duochrome and has pink and purple sparkles

I know the photos both look reddish in color; but Vulcan is definitely a brown shade.

Cancer Man
Sure, Fine, Whatever

L-R: Cancer Man and Sure, Fine, Whatever
L-R: Cancer Man and Sure, Fine, Whatever
Can I just say that these two colors look so beautiful TOGETHER!?

Cancer Man is a silvery taupe with a metallic finish that has silver shimmers and sparkles
Sure, Fine, Whatever is a soft copper that has a metallic sheen and has silver sparkles

Little Green Man

Boyish Agility (top label)
Boyish Agility
Boyish Agility

L-R: Little Green Man and Boyish Agility
L-R: Little Green Man and Boyish Agility
L-R: Little Green Man and Boyish Agility

These colors look so pretty together too!
Little Green Man has a black base with agreen shimmers and sparkles. Needs a sticky base
Boyish Agility is a pale lilac that has gold and silver sparkles

I really love these colors and the fact that most of them are overly sparkly! (Gotta love them sparkles!) The formula is light and quite fluffy so you will get some product floating around but I don't have any problem with that (as my formula is like that too)

I have definitely wanted to try out Tilt/Shift especially since their X-Files collection came out. But I was too slow since her store is closed for restocking.

My favorites are: Little Green Man (I have many indies but I don't have this type of green!), Cancer Man, and Sure, Fine, Whatever. 

Have you tried anything from Tilt/Shift? What're your favorites?


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