Happie Scrappie A5 Planner Kit (May 2015)

Woohoo! I'm super excited to receive this! Yes, I'm actually posting this "early"! I received this last week and as usual, I was having a really crappy day. I had gone to the post office before work and received this. I wasn't able to look at it yet...but as my day went by...It was starting to get crappier. So I went on a break and wanted to open it! (Which is why there's no bag :P)

All the goodies. This month's theme is pandas!

The first "pack"

Some cute panda stickers! 
Here's the second sheet of it :)

The handmade items Sam made. 

The super adorable panda dashboard. I think I like this more than the previous months!

A5 inserts/note papers. (front)
A5 inserts/note papers (back).
Panda closeup. So cute! The paper is very good. It's thick and I think it's professionally printed. I really love it. In fact, I think I love these sheets the most out of all the items in the kit.

Cute sticky flags
The other pack.

Rollerball pen.
Sorry it's blurry. I'm happy that she includes pens now.

Super duper cute paperclip

Washi tape (not too into this one but it's okay :) )

Cat clip

and two sticky note pads. I really like these :D I want to rub their tummies for some reason. Lol.

Anyway, I really like this month's kit. It's so cute! :D I can't wait for next month's! :D


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