Happie Scrappie Planner Kit (A5 Sized): April 2015

My Happie Scrappie Planner Kit is here! Yay! Super exciting.

Instead of a brown paper bag, it came in a white one with a cute stamp on it

The items in this month's kit.

Out of all the pens I've received in these monthly kits, this one is my favorite. 
It's super cute and writes really well and smoothly.

Another black pen. Unfortunately, this pen didn't write as well and skips... :(

The cute mason that Sam drew herself. I really love this :D The hearts make me feel so loved lol.

One of the little packets...
Cute puffy clips. These will definitely be useful since right now, I'm using a pocket sized planner and it doesn't have any room for dividers (rings are too small to have too much in it). So I've just been clipping sections...

Washi tape. Cute drawings of weather-type things: clouds, rainbow, sun, rain, etc.

Some adorable teeny tiny diary stickers
Zoomed in a bit for these... The dentist/tooth one looks kind of creepy....

I think these are label sheets. 

Pastel-y stickers.
Zoomed in

These are some small sticky notes. I think they would fit perfectly in a monthly insert's calendar's square. (does that make sense?) I really like the size of these.

Sticky notes and people paperclips. The sticky notes are pretty big. 
People paperclips

Close up of some of the designs
Here's another design with the same characters...
I think the fiery one is funny ;P

Another sheet of stickers
I really like these ones! I don't want to use these! ;___; (But I will...maybe in 10 years lol)

Anyway! Those are the items for this month's subscription. I already received an email for May's and it's theme is Pandas. I don't know if this one had a theme... 


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