WEEK IN REVIEW: 04.01.15 - 04.05.15

 I know, it's not an exact week...but honestly, I didn't use my planner last week and the last few days of March.

PLANNER: Filofax Pocket Charleston (in Purple) I love this thing!

Yep, it's back to diyFish inserts!

 I love these magnetic book marks...

 Also love this. It's actually a sticker album sheet but I'm using it as a dashboard ;P It fits perfectly (holes are punched already) in pocket sized planners...

During the last week of March, I really wanted to use a pocket sized planner again. I don't have many pocket sized planners and I remember I loved LOVEDDDD my Filofax Charleston; so I whipped that out. 

 The last week of March... I was lazy and didn't use my planner. I should've known better. My week became quite a hassle. Also, I wasn't feeling too hot that week either. 

You can see on this page, I didn't know what to do with the page...

 I'm still playing around with formats. I don't really use the time... I just list out all the things that need to be done. 

 I tried using the scheduling (time) section...I don't really like how it looks lol. I think it looks better in other peoples' planners; just not mine. I don't really have anything that needs to be SCHEDULED except for my work schedule. 

 I left it blank... I still don't know what to write on that side... Maybe I'll use the left column for everything except for my online store's stuff...while the right column will be used for my online store's lists of things that need to be done. I dunno...I'll test it out next week...

I slept really late (slept at 4 am on Saturday morning) only to be woken up by my phone going off (at 7am). It was my manager and he needed me to change my schedule to come in ...well RIGHT THAT MOMENT because someone called out. Ughhh. I dragged myself out of bed and took the quickest shower EVER! (I'm one of those evil people that like to take long showers) and RACED to work. I live about 8 minutes away; depending on traffic. 

I thought I was late but NOPE! I made it on time. Unfortunately, I was stuck in Audit which means me messing up all the time because of lack of sleep (can't concentrate) and I was falling asleep in there. I drank a big cup of coffee and even drank half a ROCKSTAR. (I've never had an energy drink before) I was doing the nods LOL. 

Honestly, not much has happened this week. 

Anyway, starting next week (well, tomorrow); the supervisors and managers schedules are all different. Our corporate office has changed our schedules. Usually it's our department manager that makes the schedules for us...but now, they're doing this. And I must say, my schedule is DRASTICALLY different. My days off are different; I come in at different times. *falls over*

Luckily, today our store is closed so NO WORK YAY! I tried going to the mall but I didn't check out the times LOL Because it's closed today. Oh well. 

Not much checked off on today's list yet since I took that photo in the morning. Time to get to it ;)


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