WEEK IN REVIEW: 04.06.15 - 04.12.15

 PLANNER: Gillio Firenze Mia Cara (Pocket-sized) in Grey and Orange

 I never used these charts. But I thought it would be fun to fill one out. So here it is, what I have listed (obviously you can see it :P):

- Coffee (I need to stop -_-; drinking so much)
- Spent $ (Low spend anyone? :P)
-Checked PO Box (Honestly, I don't know why I wanted to keep track of this :P
- i+t order $ (received $ for orders)
- i+t sub $ (received $ for my subscriptions)
- Ship orders (umm... self-explanatory :P)
- Ship Subs (shipped out subscriptions)
- BLOG: Planner (Blogged about planner stuff)
- BLOG: Indies (Blogged about indie makeup and stuffs)
- Adam Time (time spent with the bf)
- DRAW: Personal (random art for myself)
- DRAW: i+t (art for my online store)
- Allergy meds (took allergy medicine)

 Normally, I leave this page blank. But, I decided to use the left column as my routines or forward planning (for the current week). Mostly, it's routines. Though it's hard to make it a routine when my work schedule keeps changing :/

The column on the right will be used as a shopping list. Though... if you look, I've listed other things I want to DO (not buy). Whoops. Lol. 

 This Monday was a really crap day. Actually, this whole week was pretty crap. I've been in the crankiest mood and just very... down. I was expecting some packages but they didn't arrive. So sad...

 I decorated all the pages a week ahead. It was easier to do than ON the day. I didn't decorate the WHOLE page, just added the washi tapes.

 I'm in love with these froggies. This was a sample washi tape set that I got last year. I've been saving it... 
Everything in the universe arrived today:
I ordered a Van der Spek planner on Feb 18 and received it this day. Love it! But it'll take me awhile to set up. I purchased during a sale.
Also, ordered this Gillio during a sale too. As you can see, I moved right on in.
and last, I bought a new iphone 6 on amazon. It was $200 cheaper than normal but it's because it doesn't come with the box, and charger. Actually, the only thing you get is the iphone and a lightning cable.

Though, honestly, I think I'm an Android girl. I used to have iphone and I really liked it. Now, I dunno...I think I got used to the Androids...;

 Thursday - DAY OFF! YAY! I spent doing errands with my mom.
Friday - I spent with my bf and worked on orders. I also had to buy a nanoSIM because my SIM card was too big for the iphone.

 It looks so empty...

 I kinda like this page :)

Though this is really plain, I like it. Maybe i wrote clearly and big ;P

Anyway, that's it for this week. Next week's schedule is different again... ughhhh!


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