WEEK IN REVIEW: 04.13.15 - 04.19.15

  PLANNER: Gillio Firenze Mia Cara (Pocket-sized) in Grey and Orange

I'm really liking this chart. I don't know why I never used it before! Doing a little better on not drinking coffee so much. (4 days out of 7 is good for me :P)

 I shipped out my subscriptions like a mad-woman this week. I also shipped out regular orders. I felt really bad because I think I went over my turnaround time. I ran out of ingredients and one of the colors and ran out of the flyer things I include in the subscriptions and etc. 

But, they are done for this month! Whew!

On Monday night, I went to look at Swap-Bot. I hadn't been there since 2011. LOL. So long ago. I like doing letter or journal (written/ not art journal-types) swaps. I joined 3 swaps. One of them started on this day (Tuesday). I spent my lunchbreak writing letters. It was an international letter swap and you get two partners.  You just write an introduction letter that has to have certain things and it has to be 2 pages long. 

I signed up for a few more; but they don't start until...well one starts tomorrow and the other starts on the 30th of April. They're all letter-writing ones. 

One of the swaps was (it starts tomorrow) is a list from A-Z; of things you like. Example:
A - apple scents
B - books
etc, etc.

Honestly, this week... I didn't like how I decorated the pages. I thought they were terrible. Lol. But whatever... :P

 I noticed that since I've been taking medicine for my (seasonal) allergies; I've been SUPER DUPER tired lately. When I finally had a day off, after running errands; I just passed out. Most of the day. Lol. I think I was stressing also...

 Because I was a lazy fart on Thursday, on Friday I tried to work in as much stuff as possible. I also started watching Daredevil on Netflix. I heard rave reviews on it and so far, I'm on episode 4 (yep, still... I haven't had the time to watch it); and I really like it.

Finally posted my Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet (April subscription) . I need to take photos like that of swatches more often!

As simple as this page looks, I really like it. 

Lol... I really didn't know what to write. I had a major brainfart moment when I was trying to plan out my day.

Anyway, if you noticed the "Art for       "; It's because someone (HINT: someone in the indie makeup community) requested I draw something for them. Also, I think I'll need to draw my May subscription art. My brother was supposed to do it but... it sounds like he's MAJORLY slacking. I could draw something as a backup (in case he doesn't). But yeah, I can't mention what the art I have to do is since... :P it's supposed to be a surprise!

Looks like my work schedule is the same as this week; which means HOPEFULLY no more changes...Maybe I'll get to catch up on sleep now (except for Saturday-Sunday... darn those closing then opening days!)


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