Sunday, April 26, 2015

WEEK IN REVIEW: 04.20.15 - 04.26.15

   PLANNER: Gillio Firenze Mia Cara (Pocket-sized) in Grey and Orange

Here's my Weekly Chart. Since the day isn't over, It's not completely filled out yet. (Same goes with today's insert's tasks). I wanted to use my glitter tape!

 My subscription starts up this month so you'll see a lot of things for my subscription.

I didn't have much time to decorate the planners either. Each page (just the tape on the top and bottom pages) is decorated on Sunday already but as I fill out the pages, I decorate. That's how I usually do it. But... I just didn't have the time this time.

Plus, I didn't want to whip out my different colored pens; so I just stuck with black.

It's kinda strange but a lot of the people that subscribe to my subscription; if there's a change in the address or cancellation; it's done on the week the cycle begins. So I have to update my lists every month. And like I said, when the week of the cycle starts, I have to update my list everyday.

"Sub Math" is every month; I have to add up how many subscriptions I have, subtract the total amount I have available for the month. It may not look that difficult but I have to calculate 6 different ones because of the different "versions" I have of them:
1. Full Size (U.S.)
2. Full Size (International)
3. Deluxe Size (U.S.)
4. Deluxe (International)
5. Full Size (trial)
6. Deluxe (trial)

It's what I get for being indecisive on sizes... I should do a post on this (my subscriptions); how I organize it... Maybe... Lol. Haven't decided. And honestly, I haven't used my planner that's for my online store since I received it (because I want to change the setup). Plus, I haven't had the time. 

 This page was super cute but there wasn't much for me to write ;( Oh well..

I started doing my sticky-note thing again. (Aka sticking on sticky flags to my pages this way). It definitely makes the pages more colorful....

Did a lot of chores and boring stuff this day...

 Oh, I figured out that my allergy medicine has been making me extremely tired. So I'm taking a different one. It's not as effective as the other one but it doesn't make me want to pass out every 10 minutes. 

Last week, Buca di Beppo sent my store ( FT job) some coupons for the employees and I used it this day. I had never been there before but have heard rave reviews. So I dragged my mom with me. Lol. It was good. I have another coupon for that place ...MWAHAHAHAHAhAhA~

My bill tracker isn't really a bill tracker? Lol. I just had to write down all the due dates of all my bills, then I would add it into my monthly insert. Since that's what I use them (monthly) for (bills).

 Oh gawd. I don't even want to remember this day (yesterday). Just thinking about it makes me tired.

Yesterday, I had a closing shift. I have an opening shift today; so I'm hoping that we will get out on time. Of course, I jinxed it because I thought of that.

Right when I clocked in; one of my co-workers said to me: "Omg, I'm so sorry! I tried to help you as best as I could". Of course, I'm confused since she just offered me half a conversation. Apparently, 1/2 of my closers called out. O_O!!!!!!! WHAT!?!?!?!

According to everyone, they all tried calling people in; but no one would come in.

Fine, it seemed slow enough. THANK GOODNESS.

Then comes 630pm. It was so busy! I was dreading 7pm when I would literally have 1 cashier because the merchandisers (backup cashiers) were all on lunch at that time [they're not usually in my department; but their own departments. Not all of them are in the same department] and all my cashiers would have left except for my two closers.

And as 7pm approached, I wanted to cry. It was TERRIBLE. From 7pm until CLOSING!!! we had a line that never ended. 

To make a long story a bit shorter; me and the two closers went home an hour late. My feet were hurting so bad. I felt like I was working Black Friday or something...

Since today's not over yet; these are still in progress. I didn't have time to write anything for today in my planner because I came home extremely late and I had to wake up early; so I didn't even bother. 

Anyway, I've babbled enough. How was your week? :)

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