05.02.15 - My Fauxdori Setup and story

Two years ago, when I was really into the planner craze, I came across the Midori Traveler's Notebooks. I was intrigued... but having been into the planner craze for a year; I couldn't imagine going ringless. I did end up buying a Raydori in Fields Note size. but I couldn't get into it. So I kind of shoved it off to a side (aka gave it away).

Fast forward to the end of 2014 and well...recent. I've been going crazy wanting it. I've been looking at setups, videos, blog posts, even joined the Facebook group. The fact that there are so many fauxdoris compared to just that one Raydori back then amazes me. Then again, the same could be said about the planner craze. I remember when you could only find TWO shops on etsy that sold planner goodies and now there are so many!

That was completely off topic.

Last week, I decided to dive in again and already had been looking through many etsy stores for fauxdoris. Eventally I purchased this one. 

The funny thing is... The day it arrived; I was in San Francisco. I had a paid personal day and I needed to go to Daiso to get some items for my online store (packaging). I wandered into Maido and wanted to look at their Midori Travelers Notebook items. I ended up buying 3 inserts. (more on that)

 Currently, it's holding 4 notebooks  (and one extra that's not in the actual elastic; so it's 5 books) and one card holder. 

As you can see, there is some overhang. When I received my fauxdori and set it up; I  realized I wanted more inserts (for what I wanted to use it for) than what I had and made a few extra notebooks myself. My fauxdori fits 2 notebooks with no overhang. I was kind of sad about that. But, oh well. 

 The first insert is the cardholder. As you can see, I haven't put anything in it yet. This insert is an actual Midori one.

 The first notebook is my handmade Monthly one. I purchased these printables. I literally just did two days ago. It was really easy to do. I wanted to make my own but every time I tried, it just came out ugly. I got frustrated and just purchased printables.

Here's how I'm using them (bills, forward planning for my store, etc). 

Here's what a blank one looks like. And yes, I didn't have any extra elastics; so I used rubber bands lol.

 My next insert is an actual Midori one. 

 It's the WO2P ones. Honestly, I really love these. Though, I wish the weekend ones were the same size as the MON-FRI columns. I mean...they could've kept the Saturday the same size and used the "notes" section for Sunday. Maybe, I'll do that for mine next time (make it myself).

 Blank page of the WO2P inserts...

 This notebook came with the fauxdori. It's grid and the paper is AMAZING! I really really love it! I didn't have any idea what to use it for...but I needed to make my monthly list of subscribers (for my monthly subscription box)

Each day, as the payments for the subscriptions go through, I list them out. I write how many I have, their names and what size (I have different sizes for the subscriptions) they wanted. As I ship them off, I mark them off. It's easy for me to keep track of.

I haven't filled out a few days (been busy) but I'll do that when I get home from work today.

 Another Midori insert. This notebook, I actually purchased the wrong one. When I was looking at them, I looked at a bunch. The reason I purchased a printable for the monthly insert was because I bought this by accident! I was supposed to get the monthly one but I must've grabbed the wrong one and I was in a rush to go home (1 1/2 hours away). Oh well. 

I planned on journalling in this one.

It's just a plain ruled notebook. 

And the last notebook I made, it doesn't have an elastic holding it. Although, it used to until I included the extra notebooks but this had no room to fit in it any more (out of elastics/rubber bands lol). This is a mini sketchbook I made. I cut down 5 sheets of sketchbook paper. 

 Anyway, as you can see I started a drawing in it already. If I'm bored on my lunchbreaks, is when I planned on drawing in here. 

And last, is the other side of the card holder.

The card holders, I'm thinking of including images I found from pinterest of artwork that inspires me. I've been trying to draw so much more but... honestly, I haven't been inspired. But recently, I saw some art and it made me want to draw and that's why I made the small sketchbook. 

I'm thinking of starting the Reset Girl's Lister's Gotta List Challenge for May. Actually, I signed up for the prompts and printed out the challenge already. I'm thinking of using my ruled Midori insert for it. 

I find that I carry around my fauxdori a lot because I'm not afraid of wrecking the rings or the leather (or in this case, non-leather). Besides, even if I did get a leather one (which I did...should be arriving next week); these notebooks look amazing battered! So you don't have to baby them. 

Like I mentioned above, I do like the fauxdori ... I'm not a completely anal person. Things don't have to match and etc. But the overhang does bother me. Plus, I wanted a leather one. So, I purchased a Foxydori. I heard RAVE reviews on it. I can't wait to get it. I think it'll probably have the same setup. I might put an extra notebook in it but...I think that's it. 

Am I a completely ringless girl? Ehhhh...not yet. We'll see. I'm glad I gave the Traveler's Notebook a second try!


  1. I've been following your blog for a while....sooooo happy you jumped to the fauxdori's. That's my planner of choice, so that makes your blog that much more a must read! Monthly calendar is super cute.

    1. Hiya! I'm really loving the fauxdori. I'm thinking I might even get rid of my ringed planners (cept I love some of them LOL). I can't wait for my foxydori to come in. It was just shipped so I'm super excited to put one more insert in there :D Thank you so much for reading :D


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