WEEK IN REVIEW: 05.28.15 - 05.31.15

  PLANNER: Foxydori (Extra Room) in Sand DollarINSERT: Midori's Traveler Notebook (WO2P Vertical) Sorry, I don't know the exact name >_>

It's my birthday week!

WOOHOO! Vacation week starts! Well, it started on Wednesday... and ends on ... Wednesday.

The list on the left side is what I need/want to do during my vacation. The list on the right is things I need to do during the week. 

Monday and Tuesday: Worked. Surprisingly, when I went to pick up my vacation check, IT WAS THERE! The last few times; it was 2 weeks late! ;/

Wednesday: Honestly, I should've planned out my vacation more because I still don't know what I'll be doing the last 2 days. I was going to hang out with the bf but his schedule changed -_-;;;; On this day, my friend and I had planned an early birthday lunch for me. April had never been there before but I told her I liked the food. I had only been there one other time. (No photos! Boo! Sorry!) 

After we ate (YUM YUM BTW!), we went to the Japanese market across the street and just wandered around. I bought some delicious milk tea *drools*. It was so good! I want more! Then, I went and watched some movies: Mad Max: Fury Road in 3D and Pitch Perfect 2

I really liked both of them. Lately, I've been obsessed with Pitch Perfect. And I don't even know why. But I really really really liked Mad Max also. :) Afterwards, I went home. :P

Thursday: Mostly did errands. Mom treated me to lunch for an early birthday also. Since I wasn't going to be home. Worked on my subscription things.. (forgot to check them off -_-; )

Friday: My birthday! It was spent with the bf. We went to lunch, watched a movie, hung out at his house and played Mario Kart 8. It was a lot of fun but I ended up going home with a huge migraine. He had to go to work :( 

Saturday: I didn't know what I was going to do. I ended up going to the mall nearby. I wanted to return a wallet. I got store credit and I wandered around trying to see if I wanted anything else. Not really... I wandered the mall most of the day; but I got bored and went to watch a movie: San Andreas. Not gonna lie, I didn't like it. 

Sunday: Went to San Francisco with April. We went to Daiso in Daly City, went to Typo in the Stonestown Galleria, and went to Japantown right after. I was surprised at how much I spent. Basically, not a lot! But it was fun. We took some purikura but I'll do another post on my SF trip. 

Only a few more days left until my vacation is over. Ahhhh! 


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