WEEKS IN REVIEW: 05.04.15 - 05.17.15

INSERT: Midori's Traveler Notebook (WO2P Vertical) Sorry, I don't know the exact name >_>

Sorry I haven't posted in a few weeks. I've been busy. I had to work on my subscriptions and a custom drawing (see below) for another indie company's subscription.

So far, I'm liking the Midori/Fauxdori (would you call it a traveler's notebook????) layout/format. Plus, it's a LOT lighter. I do admit that I miss the rings; but NOT a lot. Lol. Is this my planner peace? I don't think so????

As I said, most of the things I had to do like crazy was work on the custom artwork and my subscriptions. 

I did end up finishing the artwork! Yay! (see below!)

I finally went to get my eyes checked (just updating my vision). Boo, my eyesight got worse. After I got my eyes checked, I went online and looked allllllllllllll day for new glasses and prescription sunglasses. 

 This week was hectic at my full time job. Whoops, forgot to edit out where I work. Oh well. Most people know where I work anyway. I work at Fry's Electronics . Anyway, as you can see (maybe?) It's Fry's 30th Anniversary so it's a big deal. Most of us (supervisors and managers) have to work 6 days. 

 Lucky me! I got the most hours in my department... Yay *deflated flail*.... Also, lucky me. I caught a small cold on Monday night. I worked half my shifts on Tuesday and Wednesday. I went to work just to cover the opener's lunch time. But I called in a part-time replacement to...replace me for the rest of my shifts.

 But I felt better by Saturday. Yay. Which is good because Saturday was INSANEEEEEEEEE!!! Ahhhhh! We all went home late which really sucked because I had to open the next day. Barely slept...-_-; But worked on a lot of my subscriptions.
I did most of my errands on Thursday (only day off in the week). My Mom doesn't drive, so I have to help her with errands too.

Unfortunately, this week (starting today) is the same exact schedule as last week ;___; !  I can do it! A few more days and I'll have my day offfffff *shakes fist*

So, here's the finished drawing.

The drawing is for the June Aromaleigh Ephemera Box (Aromaleigh's Monthly subscription box). You have absolutely NO FRIKKIN idea how HONORED I was to do this! I seriously cried when she asked me. Sorry for the watermark, but... I have to...

I'm a traditional artist so the only digital thing I did was scan the drawing, adjust the brightness a bit and that's it. The original scan that was sent to her doesn't have the watermark. I've seen photos of it in use and it looks pretty amazing. Nothing like seeing your art on products from an indie company that you admire and love. 

Anyway, here are the things I used to draw this:

Paper: 9" x 12" Smooth Bristol from Strathmore
INKS: Sakura Micron 0.3
Marker Brands: (Most of my art is colored with markers) COPIC and Prismacolor Markers

Honestly speaking; and I'm not being humble... Most of the time, I think my art is OKAY. But I'm in LOVE with this one. I'm super happy with how it came out. :)

Anyway, this week; working on a drawing for a HIGHLY requested collection for my store. :)


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