HAPPIE SCRAPPIE PLANNER KIT: Traveler's Notebook Edition (June 2015)

I received this a few weeks ago but I've been busy with my own subscriptions and the extreme last minute changes in my work schedule.  

Its here! WOOHOO! Right now, I'm only subscribed to two things: the Happie Scrappie Planner Kit and Notoriously Morbid's Vanishing Cabinet (which I still have to post >_>; but the weather has been kind of crappy lately...)

As much as I enjoy my Vanishing Cabinet; I love my Happie Scrappie one more. (Yes, I know they're completely different type of subscriptions...) Stationery, is my one true love! Okay, I've babbled enough...

 This time! The bag is intact! WHAT??! Trust me, I had a hard time not ripping into it before I took this photo. 

Alright, some background information. Sam had recently posted that she now has the planner kits for Traveler's Notebook fans and if we wanted to switch to that to email her. Since I'm currently using one... I decided to switch. It was the same price as the A5 which is no problem for me. Now, onto the goodies!

 The pile!

 The pen! This pen is so cute :)
 The nib... I've already used this pen and at first the pen wrote amazingly well but started skipping :( Now, it's skipping non-stop and it makes me sad. Oh well... I have a billion more pens! I'm still happy that pens are included lol.

 YES! Tiny metal clip bookmarks. I definitely need these. I've seen people use page flags/sticky notes as bookmarks/etc. I can't seem to do that. It would bother me that the flags would get bent or ripped, and etc. So these little ones make me happy :D

A closeup of the adorable sheep!

I think I've said this in a previous post... I don't have sticky flags. I have the ones where there's a character/design on one side. I don't have any that are all on one... sticky note (like the above; I hope that makes sense). I think these will be absolutely perfect for what I'll need them for.  
 I'm especially in love with the daisies and the argyle design...

 I had seen this before and wanted to buy it but i didn't. But LOOK WHAT I GOT! MWAHAHAH!

 These are long sticky notes with cute little star designs on them. 

 One of the small packs that was included...

 Oh this tassel is so adorable! I especially LOVE the umbrella. I don't really know how to attach this to my Foxydori so... I think I'll wait on using this for a bit...

 Another charm. I'm not too into this but it's okay. I might give this away to a friend who likes to do crafts...

 OMG SLIM WASHI TAPE! HECK YEAH! There needs to be more slim/thin washi tape! A LOT MORE!

 Cute see-through... weird... creature... calendar stickers. Lol, I don't know how to describe them. 

 The last "pack". Don't you just love that gold foil sticker? Am I weird?

 A page marker with an ADORABLE illustration on it!

 This is the other side of it...

 Sheets of stickers! This character reminds me of a Moogle from Final Fantasy. I don't really play Final Fantasy but I know of the character...

 Some of Sam's own designs: hot air balloons. There were several sheets of these and in different colors. 
 Here's the other set of colors. I think there were 2 each sheet/colored sheet

 Notebook insert! I love the watercolor stripe cover.

 The insides coordinate with the bookmark.

So cute :D I really do love this chunky bunny lol!

 Hello Mr. Cloud!

 And last but not least, a memo pad. I'm so in love with this! I think I like this more than the chunky bunny air balloon!

There were many sheets. Love them! I'm so excited to see what next month will bring! Ahhhh!


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