WEEK IN REVIEW: 06.01.15 - 06.07.15

INSERT: Midori's Traveler Notebook (WO2P Vertical) Sorry, I don't know the exact name >_>

 When I went to San Francisco last Sunday, I found these adorable Star Wars sticky notes. I totally splurged because they were quite expensive -_-; Does it count that I didn't spend much when I went to SF??? :P

Monday - I went to my workplace to meet up with an ex-co worker. He finally finished drawing his comic and he was dropping it off to me. (Saved him on shipping). After that, I drove to the Vacaville Premium Outlets to buy some work clothes >_>; Honestly, I didn't know what to do on this day. Watched MAD MAX: FURY ROAD again because it's awesome!

Tuesday - My last vacation day. So sad. Spent most of it working on subscription things (printing labels).

Wednesday - Back to work! (NOOOOOOooOoo! ;P) Luckily, it was slow today. They didn't schedule enough supervisors. It was just me (closing) and Mai (opening). Our manager had to cover us for our lunch breaks. I don't know if he did the same to Mai; but he told me to go to lunch only for 30 minutes. Sadness...

Thursday - This was a terrible TERRIBLE DAY! I worked my regular time (mid-shift); but then one of the supervisors decided he needed to go home. My manager asked if I could stay and close. I should've said no. *sigh* I was so tired!!!! I was cranky. And I messed up big time at the end. Though, everyone told me I should be fine because they made me stay 4 extra hours...

I was a bit ticked because I had plans on working on my subscriptions. but as you can see "CANCELLED". I had to pick up some prints that day too since I needed them ASAP. Unfortunately, I couldn't. I asked my friend to pick them up for me. I don't like relying on other people. I feel like I created a burden for them :( But she insisted it was okay.

Friday - Errands of the universe! Also, it says "Call Starbucks". A few weeks ago, there was a news story about the Starbucks app being hacked. I believe I was one of those people that were hacked. My balance was $1.52 and I was on my lunch break when suddenly I get an email saying "Thank you for refilling your card for $50!"

Me: O_o;?? What? I didn't do anything!

I made sure that it didn't auto-reload. When I got home from work, I deleted the card; changed the "auto-reload" back to ...manual reload (?). A day after, I went to Starbucks thinking I still had the $50. NOPE! Declined! Said I had no funds. I was super confused. So I checked my bank account (came out of debit). Yep, it took $50 out but there was no credit back to my account.

Fast forward a few days later, nope! nothing in my account. I checked the most recent transactions and it said there was a balance merge. It even took my $1.52 -_-;

Anyway, I forgot to call last week; but I ended up calling them. *sigh* so sad. Oh well...

Saturday - Closing shift. It was a slow-ish day. Nothing really interesting to report. 

Sunday - My brother came up to visit and my parents wanted to treat us all to dinner to some ... place. I had told them to go to the Korean BBQ for the longest time... and they always said NO. This time! They listened and they were happy!

I've been super tempted by the Erin Condren Life Planner. I don't need another planner. (OR DO I!??!?) I have a few more days before the launch... I'll figure it out :)


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