WEEK IN REVIEW: 06.15.15 - 06.21.15

INSERT: Midori's Traveler Notebook (WO2P Vertical) Sorry, I don't know the exact name >_>



AhhHhHh! Next week will be my last week in this Midori Traveler's Notebook/Foxydori. I'll be moving to the Erin Condren Life Planner. I don't think I've stuck to a new planner layout for more than 2 months. This will be the end of the 2nd month for this one. Honestly, I do like this one but it's too small... Wow, I rambled! Time to ramble about my week!

Monday - My schedule has changed...AGAIN! (my schedule is the same this week -_-; ). I had Monday off. It was my Dad's birthday. My Mom and my Dad's birthdays are always on different days because they go by the Lunar Calendar. Sometimes my Dad's birthday is near the same day as mine (I'm stuck with the regular calendar). Anyway, he had said that he wanted to go to a restaurant that his friend owns for his birthday, for dinner. Mom and I did a bunch of errands, We even bought him a cake. We normally buy Strawberry Shortcakes (love!) but this time we got a Tiramisu (love!). Once he got home, it was around 7pm and Mom and I were starving cuz we planned on eating at that restaurant. But he changed his mind and we made dinner, some Korean noodles. Yum. We don't really celebrate birthdays (except buy a cake!); ... yeah. Lol

Tuesday and Wednesday - Nothing much happened. I was just working a lot on my subscriptions. As of today, I only have 4 more orders to ship and I'll be done. YAY!

Thursday - I stayed up until super late working on a buttload of subscriptions. I had promised the BF that I would hang out with him on Friday; so because of that... I wanted to get caught up. 

Friday - I didn't sleep much because I worked all night LOL. I went to the BF's house and we hung out for a bit, then went out to eat. When we came back from that; we played games until...FOREVER! It was a lot of fun :) Then, we had to part (he had to work). So I went home where I passed out. 

Saturday - Had a closing shift. When I arrived to work I was surprised to see that the closing supervisor was there already. Apparently, he switched with another one. I didn't mind. It also was steady. Not too busy, not too slow. 

Sunday - Opening shift. I really hate these close then open the next day shifts. Ugh! I couldn't sleep all night. So I was falling asleep at work. It didn't help that I was in Audit (boring paperwork) and I kept doing the nods. I really had to force myself to stay awake. One time, one of the cashiers wanted to help me and she's quite loud and she was talking to me but I was doing some spreadsheets and I was nodding off even to her loud talking. That's just sad. I had to get up and walk around because I just couldn't sit there any more. The walking around helped a LOT! I came home and took a LONG nap! Whew! 

So, basically, it wasn't a very interesting week. Most of it was working on subscriptions and work. *nods* I'm hoping that next week is more interesting. Lol.


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