08.17.15 - Happie Scrappie Planner Kit June & July 2015: Traveller's Notebook Edition

It's been awhile. I've been busy and having issues with technology. *grumbles* Anyway, as you can tell, I'm here to post my June and July 2015 Happie Scrappie Planner Kit (Traveller's Notebook Editions)

We will start with the June Kit. Here are these clothes' pin clips used to hold down your notebooks. A lot of them do flop close, so these clips will definitely help hold them down. 

A cute handmade dashboard with gold foiling. I took all these photos at night under an LED light. So a lot of the photos are more blue than they normally are. (SORRY!)
Gold foil text. Unfortunately, you can't see it because of the lighting...

You can see a bit here...

The insert that Sam has made for June's kit. Gold foil heart on the front. I'm so in love with this insert! The stripes...the heart! Ahhh!

Gold foiling...

How adorable is this!? Week on 1 page + Notes on the other side. I'm so in love with this! I don't even want to use it -_-; But, I will. Just not now lol.

Close up on the adorable illustration on the "notes" side.

Tiny sticky page flags. 

Ice cream truck memo note pad. This is so adorable! Another original design by Sam. 

A few journaling cards that have gold foil on them

Custom stickers/labels made by Sam. Pastel and bold colors.

Dots! It's funny but I use a lot of these small dots in my planner :) Pastel and bold colors

Kiss cut, while the heart stickers were die-cut

I'm madly in love with these flags. Honestly, I don't know what to do with these flags. I don't know how to use flags or dew drop stickers/labels. Lol. But these are so cute

Alright! Now, onto the July kit!
We received a draw-string bag that fits whatever sized planner you have (A5, Personal sized, or Traveller's Notebook [mine]). 
The adorable pen! I forgot to take a photo of the pen that was included in the June kit. Plus, I lost it X_x;
I love these pens! This was a dark blue roller ball pen.

Sticky notes!

Owl sticker flakes!
What the designs in the pack look like

Washi tape! I didn't think I would like this design but I actually really like it. (It's just rainbow circles)

Sticky flags!

These are cute journaling cards I believe Sam made herself.

And the most adorable envelope stickers!
So many!

More labels! I really like these too! :)

These are really adorable stationery. You just write your letter, fold it up, glue the sides and the top and it serves as an envelope also. There are 4 designs.

My favorite one is this bear! Awwww!!!

The insert that's included. Because of this subscription I don't have to buy any more (pfft yeah right LOL) pens, stickers, sticky notes, and inserts for my Foxydori.

The insides. It's blank. 

There was also this adorable charm to put on the front of your Traveller's Notebook.

Anyway. I wonder what's coming up for next month. I should be getting it in a few weeks. I hope I won't take forever to post it again :)


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