08.20.15 - AFK Cosmetics: Christmas in July #2 & 3

 I wasn't able to post the last few days but here are the next two for the AFK Cosmetics: Summer in July Box.

I really love the wrapping paper and labels that everything was packaged in :)

  Is it strange that I love this bottom label? It's silver, btw.

[Everything is taken in indirect light ]
Beauty School Dropout 
 Beauty School Dropout

Blackbird Cosmetics is known for their amazing matte eyeshadows. And this is no exception. You can't really see the swatch (btw, it's swatched over UDPP) because it's almost the same color (it's a tiny bit more pink) as my skin. It's beautiful as all of her colors are. 

 #3 What's in this long tube-like thing?

 Ermergard! From Hello Waffle Cosmetics

Pressure sensitive! Apply lightly for a shimmering peach, rub it in with your fingers for more cherry

Flamingo (no lip swatch since I've got something on them already >_>; )
It's a really lovely color. I haven't noticed the pressure sensitive-ness of it since I did swipe it a bunch and with added pressure. Nevertheless, it's a beautiful color.

This advent calendar is quite exciting :)


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