Updates... 11/1/15

Don't mind me, I'm blogging on my phone, in a car waiting for a movie to start.

Work updates:
Currently I'm on vacation. I go back to work on Saturday. These will be the last days off (paid and requested) we can get before our black out period (can't request any extra days off unless it's an emergency or a medical thing)  which is very soon.

We're hiring people like mad. We've been getting about 10 new hires a week and soon it'll be new hires daily instead of weekly.  Also, a lot of positions were cut and changed. I don't know why they did it right before the holiday season. All the crazy changes...

They've also started training one of our cashiers to be a seasonal audit associate which is good. Because being in audit during holiday season is crazy. And I work in audit on the busiest days (weekends), so I'll get some help. Yay!

I+TA updates:
Now that I've finished the customs and etc, I'm going to relax a bit and work slowly on the collections that I want out. I plan on having the Card captor Sakura one out soon and will also have a small holiday set.

There are some new products/projects  I've been working on the side also. Liquid lipsticks which have been in the process for over a year.  Non-subscription themed boxes which I had planned for over two years. Etc. :) I'm quite excited about them.

I kind of want to change the layout of the blog. But... Don't know what.

I also plan on doing the week in review posts again. I kind of lost touch of them since I had switched planners and am using a different time type of planner insert than I've used before. Obviously the ECLP ones are different than traditional planner inserts and before I was using WO2P vertical and before those, I used the DO1P inserts. Now, I'm using 2DOP (2 days on a page). I'm also, surprisingly using the monthkt inserts a lot too

Anyway that's enough babble.


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