WEEK IN REVIEW: 11.02.15 - 11.08.15

PLANNER: Gillio Firenze Medium Croco Grey Compagna
Inserts: SewMuchCrafting 2O1P (Personal sized)
STICKERS: Mostly from CreatingandCo with a few other stickers from one of the Happie Scrappie Planner kit, Scribbleprints Co, and KG Planner

It's been awhile. I'll try to make this part short. Was using the Erin Condren Life Planner for a few months but felt that #1) It made me UNorganized since I can't really future plan in that  #2) It's too big. 

I did get into all the hype about the planner stickers and such. You should see my Etsy wishlist. It's insane, Anyway, after I decided to move out of the ECLP, I went back to a binder planner (before it was the Filofax Domino in turquoise; but moved to the Gillio two weeks ago) but before I had moved in, I wanted to try out different inserts since I had been using the diyFish inserts for awhile and I wanted something simple.

Choosing the type of inserts was a bit difficult. I wanted them all. I ended up with the 2 Days on 1 Page inserts. Some days are super busy and others are quite slow. I don't write very big nor do I write very small. I think I write at a medium size. 

It took me a long time to get the hang of decorating. In fact, the week I'm showing you is the first week I really liked how I decorated. The weeks previously were decorated horribly or not even decorated at all (except I drew in check boxes. Does that count as decoration?). I still have some planner stickers from when I became an ECLP sticker addict. 

Alright, onto the pages. Btw, sorry the left page got cut off a bit. I didn't realize it did until I posted it...
I was on vacation for a week. It started last Saturday and ended this Friday (11/6/15). This is what I had done on my vacation:

Saturday: Breakfast, movie
Sunday: Breakfast, movie
Monday: (The start of the planner) At the last minute, I asked my friend to lunch at this Hong Kong cuisine place. It was fun. Though, they did take awhile... After our lunch, we went across the street to the Japanese market and got some stuff (a gift for her brothers; Japanese snacks I mailed to my friend). Then, she had to go to work. I randomly decided, HEY, I should do some early Christmas shopping. So, I headed out to the Vacaville Outlet which is about 30 minutes away (no traffic). And I got some things for friends and family. Definitely early Christmas shopping. 

Tuesday: I went on errands with my Mom. She wanted to check out some new stores (as in, they literally just opened possibly on Monday) in the same shopping center. So we were there for a few hours. Then we went home. 

You'll see everyday, that I wrote something like "100 5g jars" (it might be more or less). Basically I'm trying to fill 1000 jars of my own eyeshadows by Thanksgiving. I'm going to be having a special grab bag sale. I had it before and I sold out in 7 minutes! :O Right now, I'm just trying to do it ahead of time. I've been doing 40 - 100+ a day. [Though, I skipped today]

Wednesday: I hung out with my boyfriend. He was upgrading his phone and it actually took most of our day. Because though he had been deciding for awhile (which phone to get) all the stores that we went to didn't have the one that he wanted. We were sent to different stores and etc. 

Thursday: I went to San Francisco. I met up with an old friend and we just hung out. It was fun. Though, I should've left earlier because I ended up getting stuck in traffic for 4 hours. 

Friday: I stayed home. Did a bunch of stuff for my store and subscriptions. 

At the beginning of my vacation, I felt like my vacation was going to drag on for FOREVER. But by Tuesday, I was like "NoooO! It's almost over and I didn't do ANYTHING!"

Saturday: This was my first day back from vacation. I was in Audit instead of  my department, but the opening supervisor called me to tell me she'd be an hour late. Which sucks because I had to open my department WHILE working in Audit. That was a bit hard to do since in Audit you have to do a lot of things that have time limits. 

Sunday: (Today!) Today was an exhausting day. Oh, they've been training a cashier to work in Audit during the holiday season. So she's been in Audit for over a week already. Today, it was an absolute disaster. 

I forgot my phone at home today. I know that doesn't sound like much and people are probably like "oh! You shouldn't rely on your phone all the time". Oh but I have to for working in Audit. If something goes wrong (and it did a LOT), I have to call the managers. Now, the managers' phone numbers aren't given out freely so only the supervisors know their phone numbers. Anyway, everything went wrong in Audit today. I had to bug the other supervisor non-stop. 

It's funny how we rely so heavily on our phones. 

Also, the cashier that's working in Audit, "JK" told me that there might be something going on with our department manager because he had been missing days and he was crying in Audit the other day. Today confirmed it when I saw him and greeted me. I asked him how he was (out of politeness. I didn't know what was going on with him until she told me) and he looked like he was going to cry. Then he told me that we'll (me and Jenn) be in charge of our department because he's going on a Family Medical Leave because of what's going on with his family. :O

US?! IN CHARGE!?!? DURING HOLIDAY SEASON!?!??! *dies* Though, honestly, I think we can do it. We've been there long enough to know how to do it. Plus, we have direct contact with the store managers all the time (since we work in Audit and we deal with them all the time). 

Whew! Sorry this was a rambling post! Anyway, I plan on getting back into the WEEK IN REVIEW posts. Oh, also since I'm using personal sized inserts, I can scan them instead of taking photos. I think it's easier to scan them and they look nicer :P


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