WEEK IN REVIEW: 11.16.15 - 11.22.15

PLANNER: Gillio Firenze Medium Croco Grey Compagna
Inserts: SewMuchCrafting 2O1P (Personal sized)
STICKERS: Mostly STICKWITHME and a few that are my own

 Yes, I skipped last week's because there wasn't anything really going on except for filling jars. So it wasn't decorated but just lists with boxes drawn on it.

Anyway, this week I wanted to cute it up with my STICKWITHME stickers. I purchased these a month ago but they're so adorable that I didn't want to use it. Then, I told myself I'm insane and that's the reason I purchased them for. I decided to use the Fall kit since I thought it would fit well for this week. 

This week I needed to finish filling up my jars and order more jars since after filling up 1000; I wouldn't have any more left for my subscription :P Most of the time I was just preparing for subscriptions and filling the jars for the upcoming Black Friday (in a few days ahhhh!) sale.

We found out that our store was opening on Thanksgiving Day [Oh the life of retail slaves :P] from 5pm - 11pm. Of course we were all dying to know what our schedules were. 

On Friday, I texted one of the others supervisors to ask to see what time I worked on Thanksgiving (just that day) so I could prepare my "schedule" for the week. 

Sometimes, I think my manager hates me:
Monday - Close
Tuesday - Open
Wednesday - Close
Thursday - Close
Friday - Close
Saturday - Open
Sunday - Day Off

The schedules that are the worst are the days when you open the day after you close. And because it's holiday season, we close later. Plus, this schedule meant that the next day off I have would be Sunday so I'll be working 8 days straight. 

Anyway. On Friday, I finished my goal for filling 1000 jars. Mom and I also went grocery shopping since we found out my brother was going to come up for Thanksgiving weekend. So we went and bought a few things like a ham. Lol, 

After filling so many jars for so many days, my neck and shoulders were sore. I unconsciously sit / position myself weird and I don't notice until the next day. But the soreness lasted for a bit. In fact, I still feel it. It was really hard on me when I worked in Audit on Saturday. I had to take a lot of breaks. 

I rested (well... just worked on shipping out the last of my subscriptions) for the rest of the week. It wasn't a very fun week :P

Because of my schedule for this current week, I've switched to my pocket planner. I'm going to be resting most of the days. Trying to get in some relaxation before the "storm" hits. 


  1. I just started using a planner and am currently obsessed with stickers! I'm collecting so many, I ordered a bunch from stickwithme a week ago, I can't wait to get them!

  2. Oh no, the sticker obsession is HUGE! I'm really trying to not buy so many :P I did stop buying for a bit but sometimes you see peoples' planner decorations and you're like :O I WANT! The Stickwithme stickers are great quality and oh so cute!


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