Wednesday, December 30, 2015

2015 Year End Review and life updates

I saw someone posting this in one of the planner groups on Facebook. Unfortunately, it was awhile ago and I don't remember who posted it. But I thought this was interesting :)

Photo's not mine. If you know who's it is, please let me know!
First of all, life updates. The holiday season is coming to a close. Once this week is over, I'll be getting normal hours again. From Thanksgiving until this week, I've been getting a crazy amount of over time. It doesn't help that I've been sick for a month. Yes, FOR A MONTH! I'm finally starting to get over it. 

When I had my "Black Friday" sale; I didn't plan it out as much as I would've liked. Yes, it's a good thing I pre-packed all the jars first. I honestly didn't think I would sell all 100 LUCKY PACKS. [My sale was 10 for $10; Limit 3 packs. These are random grab bags ]. I only prepacked/prefilled 850 jars. I worked on them since late October. I would fill jars everyday that I could. I kept track of it in my planner. [I wrote down how many I did for the day and the total]. I didn't pre-pack the LUCKY PACKS because I didn't want anyone to have any duplicates. So, when I was packing them, I would literally look through each one and separate them. I also tried not to do the same color scheme. 

Since I've done those LUCKY PACKS, I've realized one big thing. I have a HUGE amount of blues, purples, and cool toned colors. Next year's goal: Make more warm toned colors.

Also, during this time, I had my December subscriptions. The December subscription was a bit rushed, not going to lie. I didn't have the time to do the art. My friends didn't have the time to do the art. A lot of the indie companies were still working on their Black Friday sales and couldn't be in my subscription. Also, USPS was being stupid during this time and I received a lot of my items (other indie products', ingredients, jars, etc) late! My art was rushed. I, honestly, didn't like it :( But, I didn't want to use the generic i+t subscription art. I tried to edit the art a bit (inversed it) and it made it look a little bit better. 

I was stressing out a lot. I had a few breakdowns, including at work (so embarassing). I took a 2-day break and that helped. WHEW! Anyway, I'm back on track! RAWR!