WEEK IN REVIEW: 11.23.15 -

PLANNER: Gillio Firenze Pocket Mia Cara in Grey and Orange
Inserts: SewMuchCrafting WO2P (Pocket-sized)
STICKERS: PaperbeyStickwithMeKG PlannerObsessed with CuteScribbleprints Co

I switched to a pocket sized planner this week because of my work schedule this week. 

I work retail and while I've written in my scheduled times; they weren't set in stone. I had some major over time this week. We had to do a lot of preparation for Thursday - Sunday. So we had to stay about 3 hours extra every day :(  Most of the things I needed to do for my online store were done. As for the subscriptions, I was waiting on other companies' products for them. (One more to go!)

I also had the crappiest schedule. Closings then openings. Ugh! Those are the worst. I was barely awake on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. 

Most of this week was spent resting before and after the "storm".

My brother did come up to visit on Thursday. Yes, the store I work at was opened on Thanksgiving. Our store opened at 5pm. I had to leave my house by 350pm.

My brother left San Francisco at 10am; but was stuck in traffic for forever and arrived around 2pm. We had planned on making our Thanksgiving "dinner" (lunch?) together but because of how he was stuck in traffic... we had to do it ourselves. My aunt had also just come back from visiting China (she lives 2 blocks away) and wanted my mom to drop by for something. They ended up staying there gossiping and went to the grocery store right after for some last minute items (we just wanted potatoes)

I made the potato wedges and the ham. My mom made everything else. She made honey chicken with Chinese sausage, Japanese pumpkin with black beans, and black bean sauce string beans. And of course we had rice...since we're Chinese ;P

The ham was done right when my brother arrived. We called my aunt over and we feasted. 45 minutes later, I had to leave for work. I was hoping there wouldn't be a line by the time I got there. Though, I do get a kick out of seeing a line around our store. When I arrived there was a line. I was hoping there wouldn't be a line so that they wouldn't make us work Thanksgiving any more.

I must say that...that day was BUSY AS F**K!!!!! I think most of us wanted to yell "GO HOME AND BE WITH YOUR FAMILIES SO WE CAN!" Our store was supposed to close at 10pm but customers wouldn't leave until 1130pm. 

When I got home, I had a quick dinner then passed out to start all over again on Black Friday. 

The photo is a photo I (sneakily) took on Black Friday (for my friend). If you didn't know, I'm a Customer Service Supervisor for a private Electronics Store. It's a big Electronics store, btw. Our store has 45 registers and they were all manned by cashiers. (Customer Service Dept = Cashier Department). All of the supervisors worked that day. We all had different sections and duties that day. At that time, I was guarding the cage (expensive items being held there. I was giving out the items when customers were purchasing them) and "zoning" by the last end of the registers to help out whoever needed help. 

At first Black Friday didn't seem bad. Then all the lines appeared out of nowhere. We have a line we've created for the customers and it literally snakes around the whole store and it was stuck like that for awhile. 

On Thursday and Friday; we created teams so we would take breaks at certain times. It was easier to keep track of the cashiers and the backups. So each supervisor had about 10 people on their team. (We have 7 supervisors), My team had our breaks 2nd to last. It seemed that my team and the team after mine (their team would go 30 minutes after us) were scheduled during the WORST times because EVERY TIME it was time for us to go on our breaks it was the busiest hours and our breaks were cut short by 30 minutes. Oh well...

All the newer people were complaining and whining about being tired. I promised them that on Saturday (a regular hour day), because we had gotten used to the long hours; the day would fly by and it would be an extremely easy day. Which it was. In fact, I barely remembered Saturday. Since it was a regular day and I opened, I was able to leave at 5pm. WOOHOO! I practically ran out the door when it was 5pm. Especially since my day off was on Sunday. The last day off I had was on Friday of the previous week. So yes, I was extremely happy.

When I got home on Saturday, I literally flopped onto the floor. My feet, back, and knees (why!?!??!) were aching so bad! 

On Sunday, I got to spend time with my family which is rare since I work on the weekends. My dad's day off is on Sunday and my brother's days off are on the weekend. We had dim sum, went around town then went home and rested. ^_^;

Also, on Friday; I had my grab bags (10 eyeshadows for $10) sale. I had originally planned it at 12:02am but because of how late we got out on Thursday; I posted it up late :( [I really hate being late!] and it was a success! I'm almost completely sold out of them! [I made 100 grab bags; and I sold (as of now) 96]

Next week and the weeks coming up will be crazy so I'll be switching back to my Personal sized planner. I only switched to the Pocket sized one because I knew I wouldn't be doing much for that week. 

Phew! Long post. ^_^;


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