01.27.16 - Creating&Co Limited Edition Makeup Kit

 Awhile ago, when I started to decorate my Erin Condren Life Planner (aka ECLP); Vee of Glamourdoll Eyes had recommended Creating&Co to me. The funny thing is... I think it was when they first opened that I had purchased one sheet of stickers from them. I think they were cancellation stickers (I'm out of them; but I remember ordering from them :P). I had only stuck with a few sticker shops during that time.

Anyway, back to my story. Vee had told us about a makeup kit and when I saw it, I had to get it. At first, I thought it was limited edition so I rushed to get it. But I don't think it is because it's still on their site. When I received it, I was so in love with it. But by that time I had shied away from using my ECLP. (It doesn't work for me) I really wanted to use it in my binder-planner (I was using a Gillio at that time). 

Even though I know its mainly designed for the ECLP, you can definitely use it for binder planners and that makes me really happy. There are some sticker kits that you can't even really use for the binder planners :(

Anyway, long story short: She put out another Makeup kit but this time it's Limited Edition. Oh you have no idea how I stayed up for this. I know they're just stickers but, stationery is my one and true love. Plus the fact that there's an exclusive Glamourdoll Eyes eyeshadow is awesome!
Please excuse the wonky lighting. I think the only lighting that looks perfect is in the first few photos (with the GDE swatches). It was a rainy day...

 The little sampler that's included in the Creating&Co Limited Edition Makeup Kit from Glamourdoll Eyes
 I know that Vee makes her own stickers so these are her own stickers that she's cut.

 Creating&Co (the color name)
L-R: Swatched on bare skin; Swatched over UDPP (In indirect sunlight)

 Creating&Co - Silvery taupe that has red and copper shimmers and aqua sparkles.

 I like that these colors are bright, compared to the previous makeup kit. Those were quite muted (still cute though :P)

 These little icons with the numbers and an "M" on them are for placing on your makeup products so they're easier to see. They're for expiration dates for your products. I thought that was an awesome idea :) Since the ones that are actually on your products are so small...

 The boxes with the watercolor designs are washi strips of different sizes. The solid colored boxes are blank headers (for ECLP) or labels.

 I like that she includes quotes :)

I absolutely LOVE these ones! I wonder if she'll release these separately :P

Anyway, it didn't take that long for these to arrive. I'm definitely happy about this order. 


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