01.28.16 - Happie Scrappie : You're a Gem (Fauxdori)

Yep! It's that time again. I'm still subscribed to the Happie Scrappie Planner Kits. This is the Fauxdori version. I haven't posted the previous ones because I didn't have the time to do it. I would post them now, but I've already separated a lot of the items.

Sam has started doing more original-type products instead of just purchased items thrown together. I actually really like this more. She's also started shipping them out in these awesome cardstock envelopes which give you a glimpse of what the theme is. 

All of what's in the envelope. I've had this for a few weeks already and I'm pretty sure the new one is coming soon. Super excited about it ;)

I'm stupidly happy that a pen has always been included. This crown pen is a black gel pen. I know a lot of you don't follow Asian makeup; the design is from Majolica Majorca which is a Japanese drugstore makeup brand. They specialize in beautiful "princess-y" type packaging. Love it! 

The pen is a medium point. 

Some cute tags with "Happie Scrappie" in gold foil. 

Her store's information on the back.

A cute mint acrylic charm. Have I told you that mint has been my favorite color for the last 2 years? ^_^;

In each of the packets, they hold journalling cards. I don't really use them when I use my fauxdori. I don't really use them for my binder planners either. I use them SOMETIMES, but not all the time. 

All of the cards are double sided.

A dashboard / book marker.

The other side of the dashboard/bookmarker

I thought this was ANOTHER dashboard. I really love the print on this :P

It's a 2016 calendar!

I never realized how useful paperclips are for fauxdoris or...well planners in general. I don't have many so adding this super cute one to my collection makes me happy :D

I was wondering what this was...

The items that were included had this dashboard from the previous kit.

And this super cute stationery sheet, also from a few months ago. I really love this. You can fold it up and send it off or write a quick thank you note. Though I don't think the size will go through USPS :P. But these are so achingly cute!

Some stickers that Sam made herself. 

Another sheet of stickers

And last but not least, the notebook insert. I love this print, as I said before.

The last few notebook inserts have been planner ones. Where it'll have monthly, tasks, weeklies, etc.

Still super cute.

So I find myself not really using the fauxdori much. So I have decided to change my subscription to the personal size one. Originally, when I first started this subscription, I got the A5 size. But I don't really use A5. So, I decided to get the personal sized one. So it should start next week. 

I still have a bunch of notebooks (from the subscription :P I've never had to make them or buy them because of this subscription lol) if I ever want to use the fauxdori again.

I can't wait to see next month's. Next month's is "DONUT WORRY"


  1. I need to make an order from Happie Scrappie! I recently got planner obsessed haha, I just got an A5 Kikki K, and I have a Fauxdori, for different things. I'm thinking of signing up for the subscription, next month looks like it's camera themed, I might wait until next month.


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