WEEK IN REVIEW: 01.04.16 - 01.10.16

 PLANNER: Van der Spek Custom Binder in Senior Size & Erin Condren Life Planner
Inserts: diyFish v3s3 (3 month trial)

 Since I'm free for the moment and realized I had taken these photos a few weeks ago >__>; Whoopsie.

So this is what my planner pages have been looking like lately. Minimal decoration and crowded text. Lol. 

This week I had to work 5-1/2 days. That was fun. :/ This was also the week that I was working on shipping out my subscriptions like mad! 

I also did my Release the Clow Collection release. Here's a quick photo of what some of it looks like:
Currently, it's sold out and being re-stocked. Product and swatch photos done by Emily Gower

 Anyway, as you can see; I FAILED at the CRUNCH challenge. I didn't really have the time to do it. I should make the time though...

 USPS has raised their shipping rates and I had to post about it on my Facebook page and group. I think a lot of people are quite sad about the postage rates...

This is the week that I was going planning crazy. I don't mean decorations and etc. But I mean actual forward planning. Stupid me didn't bring my planner with me on Satruday and I had some downtime at work. On my lunchbreak, I bought one of those cheapie monthly planners (for $0.99) and started planning in that thing. I added in dates I wanted to remember (indie beauty community things; planner community things; the typical birthdays and etc). So I spent a lot of the rest of my day doing some forward planning in the monthly planner. It's mostly scribbles and random notes in the sidebars. I wrote out some notes for my March subscription and etc.

 Here's my Erin Condren. This is used as an... "accomplishment"-type journal. I wrote (as much as I could fit in the boxes) most of what I actually worked on for the day/week. 

 My January goals have a big fat fail already. Lol. 
I think next week's post, I'll post last week's and this current week's pages.

I didn't write in my ECLP those last 2 weeks. I just didn't have the time to decorate. 

Oh the reason I worked 5-1/2 days is because: one of the supervisors transferred out of my department and went to Computer Sales. Another supervisor requested the day off. So we're short 2 supervisors and lucky me, Thankfully, it was only a half shift in the Audit Department. 


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