WEEK IN REVIEW: 12.28.15 - 01.03.16

 Near the end of November (Yes, that long :P), I was debating with my friend about which sized planner I should use at the start of this year. I liked the personal sized planner but it's still too heavy/bulky to bring with me. Plus, I set it up the way I wanted it. 

I thought, okay...maybe a pocket sized one? I used the pocket on and off the last few months. But it's still too small. Then I looked at my poor neglected Van der Spek custom planner (Senior size/A6).... Taa daa! So, I had the planner! Now, what planner inserts!?!? Another long debate with myself... When I used the pocket and the personal sized ones, I had used the Sew Much Crafting ones a lot. I loved the quality of the paper! But she didn't make any A6 sized ones... so I looked up A6 sized inserts and didn't like a lot of them.

Click below to see what I settled on :P

 PLANNER: Van der Spek Custom Binder in Senior Size 
Inserts: diyFish v3s3 (3 month trial)

Yep! I've decided to go back to diyFish! Though honestly, these are still quite small. It's a good thing I got a trial. I used to use this in the Personal size. 
This year I decided (like a lot of people) to try and get a better tummy. Though , as you can see above, I've already failed. And I know what I'll say is just an excuse but *shrugs*. I'll be starting again next week. My excuse is --> I've been sick. Actually I've been sick for over a month. But the start of this week I had a bad cough. It hasn't really gone away though I don't do non-stop coughing. 

Alright so the stickers on this page are from: 
Juicebox Paper (the 30 day crunch challenge stickers. I really like these :P)
Paperbey (the little shipping box and the "work" stickers)
 ScribbleprintsCo (the dew drops)
All of the other stickers (on this page) are from Hobby Lobby.

Stickers from this page (that aren't mentioned previously) are from:
CreatingandCo (Cancelled)
ItsPlanningTime (the little planner) 

This week I had Tuesday and Thursday off, which I thought was strange since recently my days off were Tuesdays and Fridays. On Thursday (New Year's Eve) morning, I was just sat down to have breakfast when my phone rang and a bunch of text messages popped up too. 

They had scheduled only two supervisors to work on New Year's Eve since we closed earlier. But the closer had called out so the manager and the one that called out (he got the stomach flu; he honestly never calls out so we believed him) called and messaged me asking if I could work. If I worked, that meant that I would be working for 6 days. 

I told them that if they couldn't find anyone else, then yes (we have two part-time supervisors that also didn't work that day). Unfortunately, they couldn't find anyone so I said I'd go. It was a super tiring day :( It was super busy and we didn't have enough supervisors to help (it was just me since the opener had already gone home). 

I asked if I was supposed to work on Friday too since I worked on my day off. They told me MAYBE. Because the store manager had told S (the one that called out) that he had to come in to work MY shift but we didn't know if he was coming in or not. But I guess my manager felt bad and said it was okay that I didn't have to come in on New Year's Day. 

 What?! Why am I showing my ECLP? The ECLP didn't work for me as an ACTUAL planner but I liked using it to decorate. Since I didn't want it to collect dust, I decided to use it as a sort of... journal. "What I did today". It'll be heavily decorated :P 

Stickers in use:
Planner Chick Designs (heart boxes, half boxes)
Its Planning Time (Mostly these :P It's a themed New Year's Kit)
Paperbey (TV's)
Obsessed with Cute (Date Night and Washing Machine)
STICKWITHMEshop (Me Time flag and Relax bathtub)
Made my own header stickers
Everything else from Michael's or Hobby Lobby

Yes, I definitely liked taking about 20 minutes out of my day to decorate a day (I don't do it weekly; I decorate each day as it goes by). I don't have enough planner stickers to do the no-white-space look :P But this is good enough ^_^


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