WEEK(S) in REVIEW: 01.11.16 - 01.24

 PLANNER: Van der Spek Custom Binder in Senior Size & Erin Condren Life Planner
Inserts: diyFish v3s3 (3 month trial)

I'm starting to get the hang of the A6/Senior size... plus I kind of set up the planner to how I wanted it to be. It's not complete, but it's about 80% finished. I don't know if I'll be continuing to use this size after these inserts are done. We'll see :)

 I'm trying to catch up on my Week in Reviews. I worked a lot on my subscriptions, I was trying to finish shipping out all my subscriptions ASAP. 

 I had a PTO (Paid Time Off). I had originally requested it off for the previous week. I was trying to use up my paid days (Use them or Lose them). Even though I had turned in my day off before another supervisor; she ended up getting the day off because her days were expiring in January. I wouldn't have minded, except that week they gave me an extra day to work. So I had only 1 day off. (/end rant. *whew!*)

So, they gave me the day off the week after I requested it. Honestly, I didn't do much. I bought some much needed clothes and work shoes but that's about it. I would've spent it with the BF, but he just started going to trucking school. He'd go to school in the morning; have a one hour break and then go to work for the rest of the night. :(

  I was quite irritated last week...

Sorry for the extra blurry photos. I accidentally changed the settings on my camera and I have NO idea what I did. I don't see it until I see it on the computer :/ 
 Thankfully, I did finish all my orders and subscriptions! Woohoo! So here's the crap part. (Start rant?)

My manager is back which means the "acting manager" has gone back to her department. <--She used to be our Sup1 (the top supervisor. She'd be in charge if our manager had to leave for something; I'm 2nd in charge after her) Before our manager went on his leave of absence (He had some family things going on); she had switched to a different department and we had another Sup 1; but she had changed to another department too. [Confusing, I know!]

Anyway! Now that BOTH of them are gone; all of their work falls on me. So I'm getting more duties and not even the Sup 1 pay (which is more). 

One of the duties is ordering the store supplies. It doesn't sound too hard but; there are 12 different forms and EVERYTHING is called something COMPLETELY different from what it is. Also, they didn't teach me how to do it. So I have a feeling that once the supplies arrive tomorrow; I'll probably be missing some things. They literally told me to: print out all of these forms and figure it out. :/

I'm mainly annoyed about the store supplies. That thing takes 3 hours to do. Ugh. /end rant (probably)

I need to start checking off things that I have done. I notice that I don't check them all off even if I've done the task. 

On Sunday, I was feeling quite down. A bunch of people keep asking me "why don't you be Sup 1?". I also found out there are a few managers that hate me and I never knew that. I shouldn't let it get me down. Rawr! Okay, sorry to start making this sound depressing. I'll try to be better this current week >_>


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