i+t Alchemists INSPIRATIONS: JANUARY 2016 Alice in Wonderland

 I thought I would do a series of posts every month talking about the inspiration on the monthly subscriptions that I do. Why did I choose the colors that I made? What was it inspired by? Etc. 

This month, I drew the art. I love the imagery of Alice in Wonderland. I think it's very colorful and crazy and... Ahh! I just love it. :P

INKED: Sakura Micron in Sepia (0.5)
COLORS: COPIC markers for the skin tone and some cheap markers I bought from Barnes & Noble

 DAYDREAMER: Inspired by Alice. I know it looks violet but the base is a periwinkle blue. Because of the duochrome it makes it look violet. I chose blue because when you think of Alice, you think (or at least I do) of her blue dress. As for the purple duochrome, I chose that because we all know she goes through a crazy time and I thought the duochrome would be perfect to represent it.

 OUT OF TIME: Inspired by the White Rabbit. Now, I know a lot of people are like... why isn't this white? First of all, I wanted a wearable color that will go well with the other colors that were chosen. When I think of the White Rabbit, I think of time and clocks. Which translates to gold. I wanted to make a soft yellow-gold.

ENDLESS GRIN: Inspired by the Cheshire Cat. When I think of the Cheshire cat, all I can think of are his colors. Btw, I really loved my Cheshire cat drawing ;P So this was kind of self-explanatory :P

Why didn't I do  more colors? I could've done one more. Honestly, during this time I was having a hard time with work (FT job). A lot of the supervisors left to other departments and I was in charge because of that (next in line). If I had a choice for one more color, I'd do one for the Queen of Hearts. Why not the Mad Hatter? It's because one of the other indie companies that was included; included a Mad Hatter inspired color. :)

Anyway, so that's all for this month. If you'd like to purchase any of these colors please go to my STORE

TUNE IN NEXT MONTH: FEBRUARY 2016 Phantom of the Opera


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