WEEK(s) in REVIEW: 02.04.16 - 03.12.16

PLANNERS: Kikki-K in Medium Mint and Filofax (pocket) Charleston in Purple
INSERTS: (Personal Sized) Sewmuchcrafting W04P Vertical; (Pocket) Sewmuchcrafting WO2P

It's been awhile. I stopped using my A6 because I wanted to use my Kikki-K planner. I had been looking for this FOREVER and finally got it when someone was selling it on one of the many FB groups I'm in. I also purchased the Sewmuchcrafting inserts when I purchased this planner. 

I started using this planner on Feb 4. 

Paige (the owner of CreatingandCo) had a "group plan" session. Where she invited people in her FB group to decorate their week with the same sticker set. And she chose the Pantone Gemtone collection which I think is super cute and pretty :)

STICKERS: Mostly from WhimsicalPlans from the Boudoir Kit
Obsessed with Cute, CreatingandCo and my own.

STICKERS: Mostly from PlannerChickDesigns 
ObsessedwithCute, STICKWITHMEshop, my own, MAMBI stickers, and ScribbleprintsCo

Starting this week; I needed a "satellite" planner. (-Aka- Take it with me everywhere planner). I decided to whip out my pocket Filofax Charleston (which is my FAVE pocket planner) and dust off the SewMuchCrafting inserts I purchased late last year (I thought I was going to be a pocket girl only...but it didn't work???). It's in case things pop up and I really HATE using my phone to plan. Besides, I've found myself forgetting a lot of things lately :( Especially now that they're dumping more work on me (at work). It's not decorated (not really) but just scribbles. Though, I do try and write neatly ;P

Yes, I do plan TWICE. I think a lot of people agree that decorating your inserts/pages creates a calming effect. Sometimes these pages have more things than what I wrote in my pocket; but for the most part, it's the same

STICKERS: Mostly CreatingandCo. I really love CreatingandCo because I love her themes, colors, etc. and the fact that you can use her stickers to decorate...TWICE! (Maybe even 3 times) This is my second time using these from leftovers. This is from the Limited Edition Beauty Kit (It's sold out already). I loved it so much that when she brought it back I bought another one. 
MAMBI stickers, my own, ScribbleprintsCo, and Paperbey

I tried decorating the pages...but as you can see, I didn't like it. Lol. It actually takes up a lot of room...

STICKERS: Mostly from WhimsicalPlans (Circus Act Kit), Leftovers from the itsplanningtime horizontal New Year's Kit, PlannerChickDesigns, my own, and MAMBI stickers

I had a PTO (Paid Time Off) on Monday. I met up with a friend whom I haven't seen in FOREVER. We went to the International Supermarket (not that exciting huh? :P) because my friend had started really getting into the Korean culture (after falling in love with K-Dramas and K-Pop) and that market seemed mostly Korean. We had lunch at their food court, then we went to the mall that was about an hour away since there was a DAISO that just opened there. We took silly selfies while resting and I decided to test out my new Polaroid Zip printer. It's pretty damned awesome. I mean I had the Polaroid POGO and the LG...something (I forgot what it was called) but the quality of the Zip is five billion times better than those. It does still use the same paper. So, luckily I have a bunch left :P

Also, they just changed our pay periods to Sunday through Saturdays; it used to be Mondays - Sundays. Because of this, my days have been so confusing. I know it may not seem like much but when you work in Payroll and everyone's pays... it gets confusing a bit. 

This week, our store changed it's hours. We open an hour later than we normally do. But we still had the same schedule as a test run. Next week (this week), we actually start coming in an hour later.

As you can see I started using the flags and drops to mark my work schedules. I thought it was easier to see (not these colors though :P) than just writing it out on the side. Plus, I don't really use these stickers. But they fit perfectly... These are from the WhimsicalPlans Boudoir Kit.

STICKERS: Oh man. ALL OF THE ABOVE. I accumulated so many leftovers that I just decided to use them for this week. There's also some stickers form YellowPaperHouse
DO you see that "Friday" and "11" stickers? I made those. Instead of getting new inserts,, I decided to just make date stickers and stick them on. I started doing that this (current) week. Which is why you see that Sunday is empty.

Anyway, I'm going to TRY and post on time for these Week in Reviews.


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