WEEK IN REVIEW: 03.28.16 - 04.02.16

Another week has come and gone..
PLANNERS: Filofax Domino (Turquoise) and Filofax (pocket) Charleston in Purple
INSERTS: (Personal Sized) Sewmuchcrafting W04P Vertical; (Pocket) Sewmuchcrafting WO2P

Yep! Still using the pocket sized planner! My writing has been getting sloppier and sloppier :P I didn't fill in Sunday because my SewMuchCrafting inserts came in for April. I ordered more pocket sized ones but instead of a Monday start, they start on Sundays; which is what I needed.

For those who subscribe to me [err, my subscription] and see that hint for the May subscription, it's not it. I changed my mind which is why it's not editted out. ^_^; And even if it was there; I don't think anyone would get it because it would be based on a comic that I tried to start for years. ^_^;

STICKERS: About 99.9% of the stickers on this page are made by me. I made a sticker "kit" and called it "Candy Carousel". I really love it. I'm still tweaking it a bit (Actually, I've been working on it for months. I keep changing my mind on a design). I really love the color scheme of this. The only other sticker is the sticker that I wrote "PTO! <3" on. That's from CreatingandCo <--I love those stickers. I use them for my work schedule.

On Monday, I had a paid day off. YAY! Finally! Didn't know what to do,,,,I went to: Hobby Lobby, the mall (which is across the street from Hobby Lobby), then I watched Batman vs Superman [It was OKAY]

I was super happy to have 3 days off in a row. I felt like I hadn't had a day off in a long time! [I was off on: Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday]

It's the start of my April subscription. 
I really love that sticker I did with the carousel on it! Really love it!

This week has been busy. It might not look like it on paper (aka planners); but a lot of these tasks take awhile to do. 
My brain has been so jumbled lately that I've been SUPER forgetful. And it makes me feel ...extremely neurotic. I needed to find a way to jot down things to remember and I remembered using a bunch of sticky notes. I don't bring this planner with me (the personal sized one); but I do bring my pocket sized one with me. But, I don't have it on me when I'm at work. I don't like taking notes on my phone either but I think, it's going to have to resort to that because I really hate forgetting these things 

The cute sticky note is from one of the Happie Scrappie monthly planner kits. I think I got it last year?
The rest of the week involves working on my subscriptions and work (at my FT job).

I'm in love with my "WEEKEND" banner. ^_^;

A lot of stuff was cancelled on Friday because my bf, whom I haven't seen for in awhile (because of our work schedules), wanted me to meet up with him for a bit. That's why all the CANCELLED stickers are there :P

I've been so exhausted lately... I'm hoping next week (well, this week) will be absolutely a breeze to work through. *passes out and sleeps*


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