WEEK IN REVIEW: 04.03.16 - 04.09.16

 PLANNERSFilofax Domino (Turquoise) and Filofax (pocket) APEX in Pink
INSERTS: (Personal Sized) Sewmuchcrafting W04P Vertical; (Pocket) Sewmuchcrafting WO2P

What?! I switched out my pocket planner? I thought I would give it a rest. I don't have many pocket planners. I have... 3: Filofax Charleston (purple), Filofax APEX (pink), and Gillio Mia Cara (Grey and orange).

I'm trying to sell my Mia Cara, though. 
Lots of stuff to do this week; but not going to lie...I didn't do a lot of it. Using the new SewmuchCrafting inserts that start on Sunday (Sunday - Saturday). Before using the inserts I'm currently using; I used to decorate with sticky notes and colorful pens. So I stopped doing that when I discovered the world of planner stickers. So, I thought I would try and use my sticky notes again.  

STICKERS: Mainly from WhimsicalPlans, CreatingandCo, ObsessedwithCute, my own stickers, and some random ones I bought a long time ago.
 This week was subscription-work and (full-time) job heavy. But things happened and I couldn't work on my subscriptions as much as I wanted/planned.

This week we FINALLY promoted 2 new supervisors. FINALLY! I've been working 58 hour work weeks because of being a backup for Audit and also working my own department. Our Audit manager is on a family medical leave. Me and one other supervisor are the backups. I'm the main backup (but my manager is trying to make J. the main backup; so I could focus on my department. He's trying to promote me to the highest position in my department). But we both don't know how to do one of the main things in Audit: Payroll. We weren't trained yet. 

Anyway, because of the Audit Manager being gone; both of us had to be in Audit. Which took us away from our own departments which meant my manager had a hard time scheduling for our department [The other supervisors go to school]. 

Now that we have extra supervisors, we have to train them. I had trained all of our current supervisors, so I had to start training the new ones too. I actually like training new supervisors. I don't know why. Lol. 

The thing that made my week's schedule kind of... messed up (other than the extra work hours [the work schedule that's written down wasn't the exact hours I worked...]) was my brother got sick. (Not super bad) My mom made me drive her to San Francisco (she doesn't drive) to visit. She ended up staying there for the rest of the week. [He's better now, in case you were wondering] The extra things that I had to do: extra housework. I know that sounds very lame but when you have a small set of free hours... it messed up my plans. [which is why you'll see MANY cancelled stickers]

 [I promise I'll try to get my camera fixed... I never notice the blur until I'm editting out info]

Wednesday, the Audit district manager came for a visit. And overly stressed me and J out. She was here from Tuesday until Thursday. Because we didn't get trained 100% in Audit; we had NO idea what she was asking or etc. 

 The duties I usually do for my department, I couldn't do because of the Audit District Manager. So I literally had to dump them on someone else who's never done it before, which of course wasn't done. 

Anyway. I'm just really glad that week was over. Cuz so far this week...it hasn't been too bad. 


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