WEEK IN REVIEW: 04.10.16 - 04.16.16

  PLANNERSFilofax Domino (Turquoise) and Louis Vuitton Monogram PM (Literally just received today)
INSERTS: (Personal Sized) Sewmuchcrafting W04P Vertical; (Pocket) Sewmuchcrafting WO2P

If you've been with me for awhile, you know that I go through obsession-phases. My current obsession are the Louis Vuitton agendas (in PM aka pocket sized). After a few weeks of drooling over them, I told myself that if I were to get one, I'd get one used and I'd have to sell some of my planners. I ended up selling just one: Medium Gillio Compagna in Mat Grey Croco

I did list another Gillio but it's slow going. But the Compagna paid for the LV agenda. [Purchased from eBay]. It shipped from Japan a few days ago and I received it today where I promptly changed out of my Filofax Apex for. Though... the rings are teeny tiny! I thought the pocket Compagnas were small!

STICKERS: MAMBI, mostly from Planner Chick Designs [I used to love this store. I haven't checked out her shop in awhile!], a few leftovers from Whimsical Plans, and my own

 Sunday was my day off. Woohoo. What did I do? Um... I watched The Boss (movie), then wandered into Michaels' just because... I also spent a few hours (lol, don't judge me) working on a draft for an email that I needed to send to my subscribers. I have a hard time wording things properly. I re-wrote it 4 times :P [I think better when I write out by hand]

 This week was a blur, actually. On Monday, it was crazy. Somehow whenever I have an opening shift; I always get all the problems. All the opening cashiers call out, there are 30 in store pickups, none of the backup cashiers show up, the phone is ringing off the hook, stuck with overly complicated customers, etc. All of that happened until the mid-shift supervisor showed up. Of course it became absolutely DEAD when she arrived. -_-; 

On Tuesday, I went on some quick errands with my Mom (who came back from San Francisco on Sunday) then went to the BF's and hung out before he had to go to work. I must've been SUPER DUPER tired because I kept falling asleep at his place. Lol. Whoops. 

 Wednesday morning. Another crazy opening-shift. A supervisor from another department said "Why does this always happen ONLY to YOU!?" Lol. Yes, I'd like to know too. Recently because how our schedules are [we used to come in at 7am and open at 8am; now, we come in at 830am and the store opens at 9am], the manager told us that if you're the mid-shift; you HAVE to do the duties list for the next day.

But, of course, you know my luck (I have none). There wasn't a mid-shift on Tuesday. But there were 4 supervisors the whole day (Usually, there's 3): 2 openers and 2 closers. They didn't help to do the duties list for the next day. Duties lists take an HOUR to do! 

Opening in 30 minutes is SUPER hard, we have to:
-Piece count the safe (takes about 1 hour)
-Print out ads and promo codes (for the whole store)
-Do in store pickups (~timing depends on how many we have)
-Order change for our safe
-Send out emails to our corporate office
-All the while, answering phones and ringing up customers. [Yes, even if we're supervisors, we still have to ring up customers because we don't have enough people]

Anyway, I was more than a little bit ticked that they didn't help do the duties list because somehow it ALWAYS happens to me. RAWR! Most of the time, I'm a pushover. I'd usually just let it go. But, I think that it's happened to me so many times and I was already frustrated with all the customers, in store pickups, and phone calls -- that I sent a group text to all the supervisors and our department manager and kind of bitched them out "Even if there isn't a mid-shift supervisor; someone STILL has to do the DUTIES list for the next day!"

Eeek...somehow I rant a bunch in these posts nowadays.

This week, our store did Inventory. On Thursday, I was tasked with "recounts". I'm not actually the person that counts everything (OMG that would take FOREVER! Our store is HUGE!); but they assigned me the data entry duty. I thought I would be sitting there typing in a LOT of stuff all day. Nope. I literally sat there staring at our security cameras for 80% of the day. I was waiting most of the time. We did this in the Store Manager's office. Once a department finishes their counts (3 times; but different people), the department manager would bring it to the Store Manager who would review it. After questioning things and etc, they'll bring it to me to type in. I would then generate a report and it would tell them to "recount" or not. 

Which is why my day was spent waiting around a lot. :P I got very fidgety...it was kind of embarassing. Lol

Most of my orders and subscriptions were finished. So I decided to take a bit of a break from it. I worked on some functional stickers for my planner. Nothing too interesting LOL. "SHIP ORDERS" and "PAY: _____" (<--bills). I think I got tired of writing them out ;) Anyway, my printer was being a fart so... I kind of spent most of the night fighting with my printer. I'm hoping HOPINGGGGGGG it's okay now. I really love my printer ;__; Printer! I LOVE YOU! Hehe

Saturday/Today. I was surprised I finished my work (in Audit today) early. I think I got in a good rhythm or something...Anyway, after work I went to Michael's. Last Sunday, when I went to Michael's, I saw a DR WHO Coloring book and I told my friend, Tiffany (she lives in another state). She promptly went to her local Michael's but they didn't have it [they did have the washi tape I was looking for FOREVER!] and she asked me if I could get it for her. She told me after I had already left. Whoops. I told her I'd do it the next time I was there.

Today there was a 50% off coupon for Michael's, and I was debating on getting the Happy Planner from MAMBI...Please don't ask a planner-obsessed girl, why. :P Anyway, I looked around and couldn't find the DR WHO coloring book ;O I even asked some of the employees and they said if there was it would be out with all the other coloring books. But it wasn't there. I had planned on using the coupon on it. But even so, it says you can't use it on coloring books (boo!). So I wandered and yes I ended up getting the Happy Planner because I'm lame like that ;P

As I was the next person to pay for it and they called me over to their register, what do I see out of the corner of my eye!?!?! The last DR WHO Coloring book that someone obviously discarded! (Because it was with the magazines) I snatched it up quickstyle and literally exclaimed out, "AHA!" and grabbed it and went to register. All the people were staring at me like I was insane. Lol. Anyway, I thought that was a funny story :P

Taa daa! That was my week! Hope you guys had a good one and hopefully next week will be awesome :) (Maybe I won't rant so much LOL)


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