WEEKS IN REVIEW: 04.17.16 - 04.30.16

 PLANNERSFilofax Domino (Turquoise), ECLP Hourly, and Louis Vuitton Monogram PM
INSERTS: (Personal Sized) Sewmuchcrafting W04P Vertical; (Pocket) Sewmuchcrafting WO2P
Two weeks in this post again. Sorry.

 STICKERS: Mostly used ScribbleprintsCo, some of my own, ObsessedwithCute, and some MAMBI stickers for these two pages. 

The ScribbleprintsCo ones are leftovers from awhile ago. 
 Went on a billion errands with mom. Nothing special :P

 Closed at work on Monday. I felt like I hadn't closed in a long time. Luckily, the day went by SUPER fast and it was slow so...that was good :) Tuesday = more errands with mom.

I wrote "Start Work Planner" I was trying to organize a planner for my FT job. I've been given a LOT more tasks and duties and I thought it'd be easier to use a planner for it. Truthfully, I can't think of anything (inserts) or whatever to be in it. But I'm thinking that the ECLP HOURLY might be it though...
 STICKERS: Mostly from ScribbleprintsCo, YellowPaperHouse, my own, CreatingandCo.
On Wednesday, I was teaching the new supervisors how to do tasks that they have been assigned. It's funny how I thought I didn't have the knowledge for it but when it came to it...it (knowledge from experience) kind of popped out. Lol.  

On Thursdays, I normally do Store Supplies for our store (it's a weekly duty that was assigned to me). But that duty was handed over to someone else. I notice that I still write "STORE SUPPLIES" on Thursdays. Lol. Whoops. I do still have to train the other supervisor how to do it...

Honestly, not much going on... I was trying to fix my printer though...

 STICKERS: Mostly ScribbleprintsCo, PlannerChickDesigns, ObsessedwithCute, STICKWITHME, and my own.

Still trying to get the hang of these inserts...
 When I said that I wanted to use these for my WORK planner, there's a reason. Whenever I fill these out, I MOSTLY about work. I know that's a lame excuse but the times/hourly times on these inserts work for my work schedule. I know I could ignore them (the times) but it's right there!

I got a bit lazy with filling this out. In fact, I didn't fill it out....again...this week. 

These stickers are mostly from ScribbleprintsCo, mine, and WhimsicalPlans

 STICKERS: Mostly from CreatingandCo, my own, ObsessedwithCute
 Spent some much needed time with my bf. My friend, who had moved to Texas, was back in town too but because of our schedules; I wasn't able to meet up with her ;( Sadness...

My parents had also gone back to San Francisco to visit their parents (my grandparents :P). My dad ended up coming back but not my mom. My mom stayed because my grandpa was having some issues with his body. So she stayed to help take care of him for a bit...

I swear this was the best "weekend"! I had Sunday - Tuesday off. On Monday, it was a paid day off! Yay! It was also my friend's birthday but she already had plans. I couldn't stay home so I just mall-hopped.  

I called my Mom. The original plan had been to pick her up on Tuesday to bring her back home. She told me not to pick her up because she has to stay. My grandpa was admitted to a hospital. There were some issues with his heart. After we hung up, I was thinking about the situation...and promptly called her back when I realized that... she needed me to go to SF anyway. I had to bring her clothes and such. And it's not like SF is super far from here (1 1/2 hours away). So we made plans for me to bring her clothes and toiletries and such (whatever she needed) on Tuesday. 

For some odd reason if I know I'll be driving/travelling some place that takes over an hour to get there; I won't be able to sleep...AT ALL. And that's what happened. While driving, I was so tired :( No matter how much coffee I gulped down. Luckily, there wasn't much traffic. I must've gone at the perfect time. 

When I arrived, I rested for like 5 minutes, then we were off to visit my grandparents. We dropped by my grandma's (mom's mom) and she planned on going with us to visit my grandpa (dad's dad); but she was very dizzy and lightheaded. So she was scared of going. My mom was super worried about her. We stayed with her for 30 minutes; then we went to visit my grandpa who was about 8 blocks away. 

Basically my grandpa is having heart failure and there is a ton of fluid in his body which they're trying to get rid of; which is why his body is swelling. We were told that he was doing well and if the swelling has gone down a lot more; he'd be able to leave (Nope. Fast forward today (Saturday): he was finally released!)

I stayed until around 730PM so I didn't have to be stuck in traffic. The last few times I left at around 3pm - 6pm; I was stuck in traffic for FOUR HOURS!!! Yep, nope! Not gonna do that again. When I left, there was no traffic! YAY!

 STICKERS: Mostly from CreatingandCo, my own, and from MAMBI

 Because Mom wasn't home...I had more things to do at home (housework). Which doesn't give me much time to work on my orders/subscriptions/online store. I had only 2-3 hours to work on my online store things.... :( I'm doing my best though!

While I was in SF, I sold my Pocket Gillio Mia Cara in Grey and Orange. I loved it but it was a bit too bulky for me... I should get rid of a few more of my planners....

Lol! Look at that "STORE SUPPLIES" there on Thursday. >_>; I'll promise I won't write that on Thursday any more :P

Finished my drawing yesterday. YAY! I was kind of freaking out about the art. If I would have the time to do it. But I did it! YAY!

Well, that's it for this week. Plus, I'm falling asleep right now :P 


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