WEEK IN REVIEW: 05.01.16 - 05.07.16

 PLANNERSFilofax Domino (Turquoise), ECLP Hourly, and Louis Vuitton Monogram PM \
INSERTS: (Personal Sized) Sewmuchcrafting W04P Vertical; (Pocket) Sewmuchcrafting WO2P

End of the week! Wooo! Honestly, not a super exciting week. It was a very laid back week even though I had to work on my subscriptions...
I don't remember if I mentioned before. The stickers I use to keep track of my work schedule are usually leftover flags and "dew drops". I normally don't use those at all in my planners so they're usually leftover. But now, I have a use for them :P Yay! Anyway, these are all leftovers from some kits I purchased a year ago (?) from Plannerchick Designs. The "Pay" stickers are stickers I made for myself. 

So here is an overview of my week in my pocket planner (my "satellite" planner.) 

 STICKERS: Mostly from Plannerchick Designs, my own, ScribbleprintsCo, and a MAMBI sticker

 Sadly, I had to work this day. The other backup-audit person took a vacation so I was scheduled to work. I worked half in audit and half in my own department. It was actually pretty slow. 

 Mom was supposed to come back last Sunday. My Dad went back to SF to pick her up. But my grandma (Mom's Mom) was still sick and because my grandpa just got out of the hospital...she decided to stay again. The plan, again, was for me to pick her up on Tuesday (day off). 

I called my Mom on my lunch break on Monday, and nope. She told me not to go because my grandpa and grandma still needed help. My manager was also having trouble walking that night. I was closing (he closed too) and another manager came to close and I was like O_o;;;? I was confused. I guess he went home...

On Tuesday, I didn't do much. I did work on my subscriptions and other things. Also went out for a bit and bought some work clothes. (I really hate dress codes :( ) My allergies were really really acting up. I know you're not supposed to rub your eyes but my eyes were going insane with itchiness and they were quite swollen.

 STICKERS: Mostly Plannerchick Designs, my own and, itsplanningtime

 The round sticker is for my May 2016 subscription. It printed out wrong (it's cut off on the left side) but I didn't want to waste it so... Taa daa!

Anyway, as that sticker says "My eye's still swollen".  My left eye was SO swollen, it looked like someone punched me in the eye. It didn't hurt (it hurt a bit on Tuesday) but it was uncomfortable. I bought a hot/cold compress and put it over my eye every now and then (especially when it was bugging me).  It must've worked because my eye wasn't swollen the next day (well it was a TINY bit). My eyes are (slightly) swollen today because (BAD LINDA!) I had super itchy eyes again and rubbed them -_-;;;

My mom was saying she's definitely coming back on Sunday (Mother's Day) because I guess my grandparents didn't need help? She was trying to help but I guess they did all the things that needed to be done, by themselves. 

 It's been busy at work this week. Actually, it'll be busy for the rest of the month. It's our store's anniversary sale. It's kind of funny because it's my birthday month AND my online store's anniversary also!

Also, for some odd reason, I couldn't copy my work schedule correctly this week :P I don't know why...

 Yes, this should've been posted last week but I actually did it this week. (Whut?)

I was feeling kinda...down (?) this week so I decided to decorate my Hourly. I didn't do it last week. So I started to do it. I wasn't planning on using the date covers I made (for my personal planner), but I decided to do it anyway. 

Also, I didn't know what to decorate it with. Then I looked through my sticker collection. I saw all of my leftovers... I don't use the big washi strips because ...I wouldn't use them in my personal planner :P 

STICKERS: Leftover stickers from CreatingandCo, my own, Plannerchick Designs, ObsessedwithCute, and WhimsicalPlans

 I really liked how my Hourly turned out! :O As you can see, I was still trying to utilize the printed times... but they didn't work for me. 
 I don't know, I just really like looking at it...

 This week!
STICKERS: Leftovers from: WhimsicalPlans, Plannerchick Designs, StickwithMeScribbleprints Co, ObsessedwithCute, and my own.

 Most of the time I ignored the times that are printed on the Hourly. I think I use the hours when it comes to my job. I also noticed that I seem to keep track of work/online store related things in here. (Mostly work).
Look at me messing up my work schedule again. Lol. 

I still haven't figured out what theme to do for next week...HmmMmm


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