WEEK IN REVIEW: 05.22.16 - 05.28.16

 PLANNERSRecollections Planner (Teal), ECLP Hourly, and Louis Vuitton Monogram PM 
INSERTS: (Personal Sized) Sewmuchcrafting W04P Vertical; (Pocket) Sewmuchcrafting WO2P

STICKERS: Mostly from LibbieandCo's Mystery kit from May, MAMBI stickers, some stickers I made, and some from STICKWITHME 
 I made those weird cloud date cover stickers. I thought I would like them but I honestly don't. So after this week, you won't see them again. 

I was excited to use this mystery (well, it's not a mystery any more cuz I opened it ;P) because it's mermaid themed. I had heard that LibbieandCo prints on vinyl and yep! They are. I must say that it's a lot harder to use because it's so flimsy that it's hard to keep straight and you have to use a SHARPIE to write on it. I really didn't like using the Sharpie

I relaxed a lot this day.
 I hadn't had a closing shift in awhile. I did do a lot of prep for my subscriptions which started soon. 

This week was very... umm... relaxing? I didn't really do much the whole week....

On Tuesday, I kind of freaked out. I believe my body was rejecting my medicine. I had literally just taken it and then 2 minutes later, I started retching and gagging and I ended up throwing up and it just scared me. After that I've been taking it easy on the medication...it hasn't happened again... (thank goodness).

Also, I lost my voice for about a week. Tuesday and Wednesday were the worst days :P (the best days to make fun of me?)
 STICKERS: Mostly LibbieandCo, my own, MAMBI, and ObsessedwithCute

Lol, I switched the days around and didn't know it ;P  Wednesday was my last work day. I would be on (paid) vacation for a week. Woohoo.

I tried to do as many duties of my own stuff so the sups at work didn't have to be like "Oh, she didn't do it so I guess I have to do it now."

Thursday was the start of my vacation. Once I got home from work I ended up filling some orders but I guess they took up all the hours of the universe or something because I didn't plan what to do on Thursday. >__> I had breakfast at IHOP and my old friend started messaging me and at the last minute, we made plans to hang out. She lives almost an hour away. I hadn't been to her place in ....3+ years! 

She introduced me to her family's new pets (her old ones passed away :( ), and we just chatted and etc. We're kind of alike. We get interested in things in phases. Lol. I was trying to get her into the planner craze ;P In fact, for her birthday (I left it at home though), I bought her the Recollections planner items. We decided we were hungry and we were craving for some Japanese food.

So we found a local Japanese restaurant and dragged her sister with us. After we ate, we gossiped and drew some more. Then, I had to leave. She had to go to an Aikido class right after. 

On Friday, I hung out with the BF. He also treated me to an early birthday lunch. (He had to work on my birthday). 

Saturday was spent doing personal errands. My car had popped up (2 weeks ago) with a notification saying my oil needed to be changed. So I did that. Then, I watched some movies: X-MEN: Apocalypse (Liked it) and Money Monster (liked it). 

I know my vacations don't sound very exciting but after the meds and the Dr. visit, I didn't have much money left. 

I also had my anniversary sale. For this week, I released 2 new LippieSlicks

For my ECLP Hourly, I used the same stickers from the LibbieandCo Mystery Kit. I don't know if you've ever seen these kits before but they're HUGE! So many stickers!!! In fact, even after the personal sized decorations and the HOURLY decorations...I still have a LOT left over :O 

Not going to lie, I didn't really like how it looked, but I liked the color scheme :P

Next week, you'll hear about the rest of my vacation and what I did on my birthday. Woohoo! (It's not really that exciting LOL)


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