WEEKS IN REVIEW: 05.29.16 - 06.11.16 (and Sacramento Planner Lovers Retreat)

  PLANNERS: Van der Spek (Standard size)
INSERTS: (Personal Sized) Sewmuchcrafting W04P Vertical
My poor Van der Spek planner had been neglected. I think I was scared of it getting dirty. It's the undyed leather. I had used it to keep my inserts for my online store's information/tracking; but I stopped doing that (kind of; I use other inserts and it's in my everyday planner). Anyway, so I decided to use this...
STICKERS: Mostly my own and a bunch of random sheets from different stores. When I first got into the planner sticker craze, I bought a few "a la carte" sticker sheets.

 STICKERS: A random sheet from a HappieScrappie Planner Kit from 2 years ago (?). It was all birthday stickers, my own stickers, and from TWOLILBEES

On Sunday, it was my birthday. Still on vacation. (a few more days and I would be off ;__; ) Because of the medical bills and etc, I didn't have much funds. My friend, whom I haven't seen in a few years, and I planned on hanging out. We didn't really have any plans on what to do though. Lol. We just went with the flow...

We did plan on eating at Blue Moon Cafe which is a Hong Kong-styled cafe and it was delicious. We were deciding what to do while we were paying our bill and we saw that there was a sign that their karaoke was open. I knew that they had karaoke rooms but I thought they were only opened at night. (It was noon). And they were cheaper at that time so we decided to do that. Well, my friend mostly sang. Since I was sick -- I lost my voice in 30 minutes. Lol. I thought it was funny we were doing karaoke because somehow we ALWAYS do karaoke on my birthday. It was definitely a last minute type thing.

I think the system locks out after 3 hours because it stopped working for us exactly 3 hours. So we left and decided to go to the mall for a bit. Truthfully, we only went into Sears and looked around. We got some shirts (I got 2 work shirts).

Then we decided to go to the County Fair. We had looked up things to do yesterday and noticed the County Fair. We assumed it'd be like the State Fair (it's held in the same place); but it was so much smaller! We had some fair food and walked around. We spent most of the time indoors at the "shopping area" <--wasn't much of a shopping area. It's just it was air conditioned and her sister wanted something and couldn't decide so...we kept waiting on her :P [via text messages]

After the fair, we went to have ice cream at a creamery on the other side of the city. And because it was such a hot day (101!!!); we weren't surprised how PACKED the ice cream place was. After we had our ice cream, we decided to part ways. It was around 10pm already and she had to drive for an hour to get home.

 STICKERS: Mostly mine, some TWOLILBEES, and from MAMBI.

I forgot that Monday was a holiday. I planned on shipping some orders. But that's what that "Eh, Nope!" sticker was for.

I watched movies this day. X-MEN: Apocalypse and Captain America: Civil War. Then I wandered around in ROSS, Michael's, and Barnes and Noble

Tuesday, I did a bunch of stuff for my dad, went on errands with mom and worked like mad on finishing up my subscriptions and orders.

Lol, have I mentioned that my meds leave me SO tired? I try to fight through it but sometimes I just pass out and I don't even know it... luckily it hasn't happened while driving :O but it's happened when I've come home from work.

 STICKERS: Mostly mine, TWOLILBEES, MAMBI, and itsplanningtime

 I didn't know what to do on my last day of vacation. I kept deciding if I should go to San Francisco or not. Eventually, I decided not to mainly because of financial reasons. If I go to SF, I'll want to spend money. I just relaxed this day.

Thursday, my first day back. Boo! Sadness! Lol. I thought I was working in my department. I had called to get my schedule and they told me the times which I assumed was in my department,. I even wrote (F) on my planner [F = Front Check Out <--my dept]. So when I arrived and saw ANOTHER supervisor working I was like...what? Did they tell me the wrong time???? Turns out, I was working in Audit! -_-; Which is good because it's laid back in Audit. Except I had to go to an Audit meeting...(via webcam with all the stores)

 Friday and Saturday was just trying tog et back into the work routine. Both days I was in Audit. Also, I was throwing up a lot again... :/

 STICKERS Mostly from CreatingandCo, mine, and STICKWITHME

Sumday was an exciting day! I went to the Sacramento Planner Retreat hosted by Marion Smith . Originally it was supposed to be held on my birthday, but they changed the date to the week after. I had to make sure I had this day off because sometimes they schedule me to work on Sundays.

My friend, April, also went. By the time she was going to purchase her ticket online; it was "SOLD OUT". So she wanted to see if she could buy a ticket at the door. We met up at the location (Sacramento Convention Center). I parked where I parked the last time I was at the Convention Center (For SacAnime) which was a good thing because apparently it was held in a room that was literally across from where I parked (I didn't know! ;P).

It was a hot hot hot day! So we got there early and there were round tables set up in a room [Sorry I didn't take many photos! And the ones I did take were so blurry (phone cam)] and I think 10 seats each table.

 The line. It was in a U. We were near the back :P Sorry so blurry. Cellphone pic... >_>

 I was trying to take a pic of the whole room, without blocking people. I was literally in the corner of the room.

 Some of the shops that were selling... (lined on both sides of the room; this was on the right side)

 We received goodie bags when we arrived. Oh. Well.. I did. So what happened was... when you purchase your ticket online, there's a list that the people mark off so they know that you've arrived. Since April wasn't on the list; they had to wait until everyone checked in first because they only had swag bags for the amount of people that purchased tickets.

We asked them what to do with April. Cuz she really wanted to be there :P She was just as excited as me. The ladies at the door led us to Marion Smith (who's super nice btw! :) ) and her husband. They told her to stick around until everyone's checked in. So we wandered around and looked at all the vendor/shop's tables. Making notes of what we wanted to purchase, etc. Then, the planner retreat started. We sat down at our table and looked through the goodie bag.

 There's a funny story to this donut. (At least it's funny to ME) The donut looked SUPER fake. It was WAY too perfect to be real. It looked like those SQUISHY toys. So, what did I do? I squished it! And as you can see (I think?). There was also a large frosted pretzel stick and some popcorn in the bag. Which was good that we had some snacks because we only had a 30 minute break and nowhere to eat around us. :P Btw, the donut was absolutely delicious!

Anyway, April didn't want me to look at my goodie bag because she was sad she might not be able to get one. Lol. But as Marion Smith made her speech, she told us to go through the goodie bags because she had some games planned. The first one was a word scramble. I love word scrambles but I'm OKAY at them. I'm not the best. So this was a group effort. Whoever's table finished first would win prizes. I was surprised that out of 10 words; I unscrambled for everyone 8 of them! WOOHOO! I couldn't get 2 of them but it was okay. We were the 3rd to finish. Darn! Lol.

After that, was BINGO games. During the games, April still hadn't officially paid to be in the "retreat". But she was sitting there still. She felt bad that she was sitting there enjoying the festivities and half my snacks :P. For BINGO, I played one and the other was played by April (There were 2 bingo games; 2 bingo cards). I didn't win both. Lol I was CLOSE to winning (by one number).

Then we took a break and socialized. By then, I think the checking in process was over. So I told April to go talk to them about it. And apparently someone didn't show up. But there wasn't any more goodie bags left. She was sad, but someone overheard and said she would give April her goodie bag ;___; awwww!!! <3 <3 <3

Now she didn't feel guilty LOL. We went around shopping around the different shops (I believe there were a total of 8????). I bought from most places: STICKERSTERS, WhimsicalPlans, Kawaiislandgurl72, and Marion Smith Designs

She held 2 types of raffles a few times throughout the day. 1 was the gift exchange and another was just a random one. Since we didn't bring anything for gift exchange...we just sat around but it was fun still. Also if you brought SWAP items, you'd get a special SWAP badge (it's super cute I put it in my planner). I didn't swap much but there was a lot of people going around swapping for items.

Our tablemates were nice but I think we all kept to ourselves most of the time. Some of them were super kind and gave everyone something at the table.


Mine is the "nude" one. That's the Van der Spek in undyed leather. April's was the teal Moleskine.
 Another view from the top. I honestly think ours was the tallest planner stack. I saw other people doing them but it looked like ours was the tallest.

Anyway, I won a raffle. Yay! Some stickers which were super cute (I'll have to do a haul post in the future). So at around 4pm, people were starting to leave. At 430pm, April and I decided to leave. We were STARVING. We couldn't find food during the 30 minute break they gave us. We were both craving for some Japanese food (bentos and sushi :P)

We decided to go to this Japanese restaurant we love near the mall. The funny thing is when I reached my car, there was bird poop ALLLLLLLLL over it! There weren't even any trees! And the cars around me? No poop!

Anyway, we both ordered bento boxes. Mine had: Tempura, Teriyaki Beef, and California Roll. Yum Yum. Didn't finish eating it but...YUM! Then we went home.

I worked on orders so I didn't look at my goodies again until the next day :P

 I'm not gonna lie after the Planner Retreat; everyday afterwards seemed mundane. Lol. All I did was work on subscriptions and orders and went to work. My meds made me tired so I worked as much as I could before passing out early.

 There was also some drama going on in my life that was giving me a lot of anxiety... but as of yesterday; it's okay now. So a weight has been lifted. PHEW.

ANYWAY! See you next week! :P 


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