WEEK IN REVIEW: 06.19.16 - 07.03.16

   PLANNERSVan der Spek (Standard size), LV PM, MAMBI Happy Planner
INSERTS: (Personal Sized) Sewmuchcrafting W04P Vertical, WO2P (pocket)

Not going to lie. Life has been tiring. I'm pretty sure I skipped another week but there hasn't been much going on.

On Father's Day, my brother came up to visit. We took my dad to the new dim sum place that opened up nearby. It was...an interesting experience. The service was crap, the food was good. Afterwards, we went to COSTCO. I hadn't been to COSTCO in a long time. I think it's because when my Dad has a day off, I work and that's when he goes to COSTCO. Then we just hung around at home.

Went to a new doctor this week. I wasn't getting any better and my meds were starting to run out. The drive there (to and from) was terrible. <--we had to go to San Francisco [Mom's doctor, that she trusts]. I had a closing shift the night before and had to wake up super early to go. My mom doesn't drive. So she did everything she could to keep me awake. Driving back was pretty bad too...I was soooo tired. :(

When I got home, I passed out for a few hours. Anyway to make a long story short, the new doctor gave me some new meds as a trial. It lasted only for a few days. Amazingly, it worked VERY WELL! Within a few days, my voice was back, I could be loud (hehehe), I could breathe easily, I didn't cough AS MUCH, etc. 

But then, I ran out... because it was just a few days ;___; Everything started to come back. And because of how HOT it's been (over 100 degrees); I had a hard time breathing again :(

There was some drama going on at work too -_-; I think it's funny that people in my department want me to be the head supervisor (I'm next in line); BUT they don't listen to me and are MIFFED when I give them a write-up. *sigh* 

Only showing the pocket planner inserts for the week because I didn't really plan in the other planners...

 DIdn't really do much again....
 STICKERS: Mostly from Libbieandco. I forgot what mystery box it was. It was a few months ago. This is my third and last time using it (Finally used it all up!), a few from Planner Chick Designs, CreatingandCo, and my own

 Didn't do much. I mentioned before that I ran out of meds so I was feeling under the weather. After cleaning, I just relaxed. Caught up on my Youtube subscriptions :P But I started feeling guilty for not doing anything, so I colored a drawing that my friend gave me to use for a collection for my store.

I had also decided that we were going to see the doctor again. So because of that, I remembered the week before and how tired I was. When I get home from work, I can't just plonk onto my bed an fall asleep like that. It takes me HOURS!!! So, I texted one of the other supervisors and asked her if she could switch with me (I'll take her opening and she'll close for me). Luckily, she didn't mind. YAY

 Usually when I close on Mondays, the day goes by SUPER fast because I have so much to do. I was kind of hoping it would be the same. Thankfully, it was. 

On Tuesday, we got up early and went to SF to see the doctor again where I got some more meds, I had a hard time walking up those hills. Lol. We had to stop so many times. Oh, San Francisco and your many hills... *shakes my head*. Good thing I slept a lot more because I had no problem driving to and from. 

I worked on some easy things (mostly computer work) for my store and took a few naps :P

STICKERS: Libbieandco, some ObsessedwithCute, MAMBI, CreatingandCo, and my own

  I promised the bf we'd go out to dinner on Wednesday. But he was later than he wanted because he was having car trouble. I didn't get to work on my 'to do's. Oh well...

This week was quite slow going. It was BURNING HOT (Over 100 every day!) so we were all feeling lazy. I did finish the last of my orders. Also decided to have a July 4th sale for my store.

 I feel kind of bad. The last few months because of my lungs, most of my money went to the doctor and meds. Also, car insurance -_-;. So, I didn't have money. I owe my parents money for my car. [They bought it outright and I have to pay them back weekly] So the last month and a half, I haven't been able to pay them. So I was super happy to be able to do that this week. I know that doesn't sound right since it's still money flying out of my hands, but I'd rather not owe them. 

I wanted to get some Sewmuchcrafting monthly inserts but I decided not to. Yeah this week was kind of boring ;P

Usually I would post my ECLP Hourly, but I didn't feel like it. 

 I did have a MAMBI Happy Planner. I got it 50% off (coupon! woohoo!). Anyway, I don't know how I feel about it. I might give it away to my friend. 

Most of the stickers are my own. There are some others from: Obsessedwithcute, CreatingandCo, STICKWITHME, and MAMBI
I do like that I can write bigger...But that's about it :P


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