WEEK IN REVIEW: 07.03.16 - 07.09.16

 PLANNERSVan der Spek (Standard size), LV PMMAMBI Happy Planner
INSERTS: (Personal Sized) Sewmuchcrafting W04P Vertical
STICKERS: Mostly from HelloPetitePaperCo and some from: ObsessedwithCute, itsplanningtime, PrettyonPaper and some of my own. 

I am in LOVE with these stickers! The ones from HelloPetitePaperCo! LOVE THEM!!! I'm not a huge floral person but these are perfection. I absolutely love the sideways checklist flags. Those are my favorite! I loved how my whole week looked. I also felt like I should use a colored pen because it'd look better (?)
 I had a leftover sticker from PrettyonPaper. I decided to use it as tracking for my spending. I kind of gave up on Friday and Saturday LOL. Probably because I spent money on planner stickers and I was ashamed of writing it down. Lol

Sunday was my day off. Mom and I ran some errands and I worked on photos to post to my store. My Dad has bought a new phone on Saturday and told me to help him set it up that day, but he changed his mind. In fact, it's STILL not set up -_-; Watched a lot of "Plan with Me" videos this day...and when I got tired of it, I watched "The Lovely Bones" on Netflix.

 July 4th! I had to work today. I close on Mondays; and because our store closes a few hours earlier; I still closed. CreatingandCo also had some new releases which I jumped to get. Woohoo. 

Work was surprisingly busy. I've worked on July 4th for many years and its usually slow. 

Tuesday was my day off and I spent it with the bf. We hung out, went on a few errands. I watched him play games, we ate at different places, etc. It was fun :)

STICKERS: Mostly from HelloPetitePaperCo, my own, keenaprints, and itsplanningtime.

I got the keenaprints stickers a LONG time ago. But I could never use them. They're just too adorable. But I thought, why am I keeping them!?!? I bought them to USE. So...TAA DAA!

 Wednesday - Back to work. I had been waiting on a package from CreatingandCo for awhile. And this, is NOT the fault of the seller; but USPS's fault. I had purchased her limited edition Harry Potter inspired kit (and another one) LAST MONTH. But it never updated or moved from the first place it was scanned. But I finally received it a month later -_-; 

Also that day, I wasn't feeling too good so I went home early. I rested and worked on my subscriptions and orders. 

On Thursday, work went by super fast. Probably because all the things I usually do on Wednesdays I had to do on Thursdays INCLUDING my Thursday duties. I hadn't been sleeping very well the last few days so after work, I took a small nap then worked on some simple things for my store. 
 I work in Audit on Friday and Saturday.

One of the merchandisers had hurt her back and was out for a few months. She came back with a doctor's note saying she can't be on her feet for too long. So, they dumped her in Audit to help out. So she was helping me, which kind of sucked because I kind of work fast in Audit. I have a routine I have to go through. With her being there, it kind of threw me off. Plus we finished SUPER early. But we had to stick around...I swear it felt like the longest day EVER

On Saturday, she didn't work (day off). So I was back to my normal routine and I realized that I had forgotten to do certain things. Whoops! 

Worked like mad on subscriptions and orders these days after work. Yep, this was my boring week!

 Here's my MAMBI Happy Planner! Same things from the other planner (above). 
STICKERS:  LittlePaperPrints

I just wanted to see what it would look like in an ECLP/Happy Planner-esque type...


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