WEEK IN REVIEW: 07.18.16 - 07.24-16

STICKERS: Mostly from the Sticky Station, a few from CreatingandCo, and MAMBI
PEN: Papermate Flair in Magenta
Alright, so I didn't post all my planners this time. But I'm sure it would've been boring to see the same thing (different decorations). 

Monday - My schedule had changed. I normally close, but one of the supervisors had to change schedules. I think permanently because next week, my schedule is the same. I have a mid-shift. Boooo! I hate mid-shifts. I'd rather close. Oh well. I went home late this day because it was super busy and I forgot that I had to count the safe AND do the duties list for the next day. I hadn't had a mid-shift in over a year and those duties are new. Though, the day went by quite fast because I had so much to do.

Tuesday - Day off. Woot! Didn't do much. My most important plan that day was to figure out a new August theme for my subscription. There was some stuff that happened and I had to change it at the last minute. After many hours of deciding, I picked one; then I had to find some art to gather some inspiration from. I hope I do my art well because it's a last minute change ;( and I promised myself not to use other peoples' art so much because that's one of the reasons why I did the subscription... to force myself to draw more.

Wednesday - It was slow at work. Good thing it was because one of the supervisors didn't show up. She had done inventory the night before and got off at 345am. This day dragged onnnnnnn for FOREVER. But after work I received some packages woohoo. 

Thursday - Super irritated in the morning. My neighbors had some sort of get together and their sons were so loud and obnoxious....at 3AM!!!! I had to be up at 6AM! So I was super cranky most of the day. I also found out that they had egged my Dad's car (again). They had done it before on July 4th. When I got home, I worked on a collection my friend and I collaborated on. 

Friday - Another VERY LITTLE sleep night. I'm EXTREMELY cranky this morning. And since I worked in Audit, in the morning there are tasks that had to be done BEFORE a certain hour. As I was trying to do that; people kept asking for me to make their badges because they left them at home. Making a badge takes about 5-8 minutes depending... it was really annoying. 

I was also falling asleep in Audit. I was really trying not to. Oh, the reason I couldn't sleep THIS night: 2 things. My neighbors had another get together. A smaller one but I heard them at around 2AM walking back and forth in front of my window [my room faces outside]. I was super paranoid... plus, it seemed as if my allergies were acting up or I was sick for a few hours because my wicked cough came back for a day. The cough that makes me not able to breathe. I had to whip out my inhaler again...

When I got home from work that day, no matter what I did; I kept falling asleep. I'm pretty sure I did little naps 10 times (no exaggeration). Needless to say, I was exhausted. I went to bed early (for me) which was around midnight. That's pretty early for me

Saturday - Actually slept very well, THANK GOODNESS. I'm pretty sure I was passed out to the world. Usually, I'm a very very light sleeper. Any little noise can wake me. But not that night! But still didn't get that much sleep cuz I kept falling asleep at work -_-; I also found out that my vacation was approved and I got paid for it. YAY! BUT!!! it looks like they messed it up...AGAIN. :/ I requested a 5 day (well 7 day) vacation; and the list shows only 3 days. :/

After work, I spent most of the day drawing my August 2016 subscription art. Not going to lie, I had a hard time doing it. I hope people like it though :( I had to stop drawing it because I was getting frustrated with it...

Sunday - Did some laundry, ran some errands and worked on the drawing. Yep....that's it. My days haven't been too interesting :P

Looks like I'm finally getting tired. Maybe next week, I'll post more photos of my planner pages?


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