WEEK IN REVIEW: 08.22.16 - 08.28.16

   PLANNERSMAMBI Happy Planner
STICKERS: Mostly from PopFizzPaper [from the August Mystery Kit: Crystal Cave which you can buy here!], and a few stickers from StationeryHeavenCo

I know it's been awhile. I haven't posted because my schedule drastically changed (I used to open most days and recently closed most days instead), my external hard drive was corrupted and lost about 60% of my files, and I've just been tired because of the change of schedule. Plus, it's been super busy at work. So when I come home, I'm exhausted.

Enough about that. Lets go on with my boring week.
 I recently received this mystery kit. I must say I'm in LOVE with it. This is the second kit I have that actually perfectly fits the Happy Planner. And ever since this week, I've realized that I love matte sticker paper more than glossy sticker paper. 

I do still plan in my personal sized planner but I didn't feel like showing it :P

My week is still Sunday - Monday; but didn't change them in the planner. 

Monday - I was actually trying to go home early because I wasn't feeling well. I got my first flu shot (EVER!) a few days before and it made me feel light headed and etc. I texted my manager to see if I could go home early. He told me I could but I needed to train one of the supervisors on how to train new hires. Since they had gotten rid of the hiring "manager" position for a few years -- when we get new hires, it gets quite confusing.

And currently, I'm the only one that's trained new hires (Did it for 3 years). Anyway, so recently, my manager assigned G. to be the person that is in charge of the new hires. Before that, I would be with the new hires for ONE day because the schedule they gave me didn't let me see the new hires except for that day. But it was REALLY hard for me because Mondays are the busiest days for me. Usually I have to: Train new hires (1/2 the day), make the duties list (this takes a few hours to do) for Tuesday, Piece count the safe (this takes about an hour), and go to a supervisor meeting (2 hours). <--Basically my whole day. I also have to ring up customers if we don't have enough cashiers (which we don't lately). So it's really hard. Sometimes I take the lists to make the duties list to the supervisor meeting (probably shouldn't, Lol). just so I have the time to work on it.

Phew! Anyway, like I said. My manager told me I could go home early after I trained G. for a bit. Which I did. BUT there was a HUGE line and it was SUPER busy. I decided to just stay and if I felt really dizzy, I would take a break. I ended up going home over an hour late ;(

Tuesday - Day off. Woohoo! I did a bunch of cleaning and planning for my subscriptions. Also I had been addicted to working on planner stickers (making them/designing them). Before the external HD crash, I was working on them every day. Then it crashed; and all my work was destroyed *sigh*. I had to re-do them. I did a lot of relaxing this day too. 

Wednesday - Let's just say this. It's been crazy busy the last few weeks. I felt like a cashier again the last few weeks. I thought it was because of "back to school". But, even after people had gone back to school; it's still been crazy hectic. Luckily on this day, most of the supervisors worked. My first order from Glam Planner arrived. I just purchased some cute icon stickers. They were super cute :P [You can see I used one of the stickers on Friday, way down below. The 'sleepy' one]

Thursday - Day off. Did a bunch of chores and went grocery shopping. I planned my subscriptions for the future months. Not going to lie, I have a hard time thinking of themes for my subscriptions. I used up MOST of my fandoms. There are a few left I would rather do as a full collection. I would do it based on TV shows but I'm extremely EXTREMELY picky on TV shows. I've already done some of themes on it and I don't want to do ones that have been done before (FRIENDS, WALKING DEAD, etc). 

Friday - Sunday:  Another reason I didn't post my weeks was because there was some STUPID drama at work that involved me and 2 other supervisors. I don't know how I got dumped into the mess because all I did was ask an innocent question. But I guess it meant I was against Sup R. Anyway, it lasted for a few weeks and it had gotten really hostile and out of control. I would get messages from the other supervisor (J) <--since it involved her too. R was against me and J. The only thing I did was ask why a certain cashier was working earlier than what he was scheduled. That's all. And it just got blown out of proportion. It lasted for 3 weeks. R would play the victim and told EVERYONE (managers, cashiers, sales people in other departments) that we were bullying her. [WHUT!?!?!?] 

It had gotten so bad that my manager took each of the supervisors aside to discuss what happened and etc. And I was the last to be talked to. I'm the highest ranking supervisor in my department and he wanted to know my story so I told him. It really wasn't anything. He told me that YES, she DOES over-react. BUT!!!! He was tired of what was going on and wanted ME to apologize. Wait...WHAT!?!? So he's agreeing that she over reacted to something STUPID but I had to apologize. Oh,.. you have no idea how ticked off I was about that. But I was tired of the drama. [Not going to lie, I'm still REALLY mad about it] So I apologized, on behalf of all the supervisors. He told me I HAD to do it and then call him and tell him about it. I texted him and told him I apologized and I apologized to him because "we" gave him unnecessary stress. I'm sorry but I'm still pretty mad about it because me and J didn't do anything. :/ [/end rant]

Anyway! So I mentioned the rant above because J took a vacation for the weekend. My manager jokingly asked why she was suddenly taking a vacation. J said that she was tired of the STUPID drama that was going on. Anyway, since recently they stopped putting me to work in Audit... she was the supervisor working there.

Speaking of Audit. They started training me in Payroll. FINALLY. They were supposed to train me last year. But they ran out of time because holiday season started by then. They're also training another supervisor how to do the simple Audit things as another backup since we lost one. I heard that we have to train all of the supervisors to be backup Audit. So far, me and J can be in Audit by ourselves and I'm the only "certified" one. [Honestly don't know what that means :P]

After not being in Audit for weeks (except for Payroll days <--Sundays); I forgot how to do Audit things. Whoops. I remembered things last minute but I wasn't quick as I normally am. Before I would finish 3 hours before my shift ended. When I do Payroll, all of the Audit things you normally do...you don't do at all. Which is why it hasn't refreshed my memory.

I also had gotten used to my closing schedule. I would sleep in! I would sleep at 3am. But I got used to that schedule. So when I opened, I would have such a hard time sleeping. I would end up only sleeping 3 hours a day. It was worse on Sunday (today) because we have to go to work an hour earlier. So I only slept for 2 hours. 

Anyway, that was my boring week. Rambling...mostly about work. Lol

I've included the previous weeks' from my Happy Planner 
08.01.16 - 08.07.16 
STICKERS:  CaressPress. This is my first time ordering from her. I think this was a mystery kit too back in...June or July? I love it though. People always raved about the paper and I agree. It's ...soft and....I don't know how else to describe it but it's very nice. I was trying to use up all my summer kits. 

08.08.16 - 08.14.16
STICKERS: Mostly from CreatingandCo and one sticker from Keenaprints 
The CreatingandCo kit is a limited edition one from a few months ago. I really love it. I was kind of sad that I didn't have much going on that week so it doesn't seem very filled out to me.  

08.15.16 - 08.21.16
STICKERS: PlanningRoses. Also my first order ever from her store. I saw this kit being used in the owner's plan with me video and I thought it was so beautiful and so unique. But it looks like her store's designs have changed. This was also the first kit I got that fits the Happy Planner with no problem. Unfortunately, I had trouble using this kit even though it's so beautiful. It's why you see that I didn't fill this out a lot. It has nothing to do with her design :P I just think we get used to a certain format when it comes to planner stickers and hers were definitely different. I do want to purchase from her again. Just to see how she's changed her format and the new designs look quite nice :)

Anyway. I've really rambled in this post. I'm going to try and post more. I said try :P


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