01.10.16 - 2017, what now?

2016 has come and gone. Now I'm trying to be optimistic and move on to new things.

Since my subscriptions have stopped, I haven't been doing much and it feels strange. I would come home from work and just sit there and contemplate what to do. But the next thing I realize, it's like 6 hours later and I still haven't done anything. I've been watching Youtube videos and every now and then I would watch CSI on DVD. But, I honestly feel very empty.

I had planned on doing a daily comic but honestly I've lost a lot of motivation to do a lot of things. Maybe I'm still sad that my subscription failed the last year or something, I don't know. Nothing's really gotten me excited. Even planning (aka decorating) in my planner doesn't bring me much joy. I look at all the empty space and I'm like... I don't know what to do now.

I'm used to being busy all the time. 

Maybe once I'm over this... slump (?); I can do things I want to do. Design new stickers, do that daily (maybe weekly) comic, whip out a new collection for my store. 

1. Don't drink so much coffee @__@;
2. Draw more
3. Sleep more (not just 3 hours of sleep a night @__@; )
4. Write more (stories, journals, blogs, etc whatever. I miss writing)
5. Be more creative
6. Don't be so stressed
7. Don't be so angry [I think this was mostly because of work stress because I've calmed down a lot since the last few months]
8. Spend less 
9. De-Clutter

So yes, I'm still planner crazed/stationery crazed. Stationery has always been my #1 love 

I haven't used binder planners in awhile since I got the Mambi Happy Planner and the ECLP. I did obsess (re-obsess???) over the Traveler's Notebooks (Passport size, though) briefly and over the Hobonichi Techo (and Hobonichi Weeks). <--The Hobonichis were because my friend was obsessing over it [I had one 3 years ago] to use as her daily planner instead of her Moleskine or her Filofax. So she got me super into it again.

So, current planners and what they're being used for [While the binder planners and my Traveler's Notebook are collecting dust in the background]

MAMBI Happy Planner - I've been using this since July (I believe). I still use it but I switch it out every week with the ECLP after I got the ECLP

Erin Condren Life Planner - I got this in late September with my friend. I think I use the Happy Planner more than the ECLP because I like the paper in the Happy Planner more. Anyway, I use this every other week. 

The Happy Planner and ECLP are not the main planners. I use these to ... calm my nerves (decorate) and do plan with me videos @__@; 

Hobonichi Techo - (A6/Original size) My friend and I did a "group" (is it a group order if it's just the two of us?) order to save on shipping. We both bought the A6 original but it didn't start until January 1st (We received it in October). I use this as a satellite planner, notes, and kind of a journal. I take this with me because it's small [I'm in LOVE with the A6 size and have always loved this size!]. I write a list of things that I need to be done; then on the next column (on the daily pages); I write what I actually did that day. I also write out things that happened that day. I don't really decorate this. I mean I do add stickers every now and then but it's really mostly writing.

Hobonichi Weeks - When my friend and I were contemplating on the Hobonichi, I really wanted the Weeks. But she talked me into getting the original one. But I couldn't get it out of my head plus the one I wanted was sold out. I believe it's called "Day Dreamer"? It's a limited edition one. But someone was selling it in one of the planner groups I'm in and a bit cheaper too. You bet your butt I jumped on it,

Before I used the original Hobonichi, I used the Weeks. It started in December so I could use it already. It was an on-the-go planner before I switched it for the original one. This one is small and super thin. But it doesn't leave much room to write. I'm not really one that writes very small. I'm trying to figure out what to use it for right now. Maybe a tracker of some sort? I'm still using it. If I get bored (often :P), I'll plan in it. 

So, basically the Hobonichi Techo A6 (Original) is the main planner. 

I've really babbled. Woohoo! Maybe I should sleep. I have an opening shift tomorrow and it's passed midnight. :P


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