03.02.17 - The saga of changing my lightbulbs and more :P

One of the lightbulbs (ceiling) in my room is out. Originally, it was a domed fixture but because of how difficult it is to change this lightbulb, I took off the fixture so it's just two naked bulbs. Anyway, changing my lightbulbs is really difficult. I have really high ceilings and I'm absolutely positively afraid of heights. Plus, the lights are in the middle of the room and my bed gets in the way of the ladder. So, unless you're Dhalsim from Street Fighter; it's really difficult to change my lightbulbs. 

So I youtube'd (is this a verb now? :P) how to change my lightbulb easily if I have high ceilings and a few things popped up -- a lightbulb changer that you can purchase. So, I tried that. @__@; Failed! My lightbulbs are sideways and aren't straight up and down (I hope you get what I mean). So it's really hard to do it. It took me an hour to use that thinger to take out the dead bulb. Putting a new bulb on was an EXTREME failure. Basically, I couldn't. PLUS, I must've hit my working bulb a few times and broke it or something because now the working one is NOT working. So, I've been using my desk lamps @__@; which aren't very bright. I think I give up on changing my bulbs. Lol. I'll just got a billion lamps or something :P

As of this week, we have a new manager for my department. For about 2 months, they made J the temporary manager (she was the one that got Sup 1) and she was going crazy. I was trying to help her as much as I could. Anyway, like I said, we have a new manager now. He was actually a manager in a different department and transferred over to us. I'm hoping he does well. Right now, he's just learning our department and he hates in store pickups as much as us. Lol. They pop up NON-STOP and the alarm that goes off is SO annoying. 

I haven't worked on i+ta in a while. I think I mentioned before that my failure in it depressed me so much that it made me so unmotivated to work on it. But recently, I've been trying again. (As much as I could). 

Because I didn't work on i+ta, I worked on my planner stickers. I saved up some money and bought an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil (why is it called a pencil???). So, I've been practicing on drawing on it a lot. But now that I've got my rhythm on how to draw on it and what apps I like to use, every now and then I'll draw with it. The app I like to use is AdobeDraw, btw. I like how the lines come out. I told myself that once I draw 10 kawaii icons, I can list them in my planner sticker store. I have a few more to go. Plus, I need to color the most recent ones :)

I think I want to get used to drawing on it more before I start doing comics on it. I find drawing on it is more difficult than drawing on paper :P I feel like because it's digital I really have to perfect it more. Maybe that's just me?

I want to try to draw a non-kawaii icon drawing and do a normal drawing. It might take days to do because I'm so rusty when it comes to drawing but at least I'll try :) I was thinking of drawing a faerie or a mermaid... I don't know yet.

I'm trying to get into indie makeup again (not my own :P Cuz my own store doesn't count). I remember I was so obsessed with indie makeup and I wanted to try EVERYONE's. But, that was when there weren't that any indie brands. 

A LOT more have popped up over the years and a lot of the ones that opened a few years ago have closed. I really don't want to close mine. It's definitely a passion of mine to create cosmetics. I really have a lot of fun doing it even if I'm full of sparkles afterwards. 

The most recent indie makeup purchases I have purchased from recently are:
Lucy Minerals (received)
Dreamworld Cosmetics (received a few days ago)
Blackbird Cosmetics (waiting on)

I'm really sad about Blackbird Cosmetics closing but I completely understand. After she changed to pressed eyeshadows, I didn't purchase them ONLY because I had the same ones in loose form. But they're lovely anyway. I did buy one of her pressed sets and I believe some of her blushes. I'm excited but very sad to try them.

Allergy season is among us. I don't know if the crazy storms that California has been having has helped them or not. I just know my eyes and my nose are itchy,

Anyway, I've babbled a lot. I worked a normal shift today (830am - 430pm) and I have to go back to work at 11pm - 1am because we have a midnight release for the Nintendo Switch. I've done a few midnight releases and they're actually quite fun so I hope it'll be the same today. This time, there won't be as many associates working. So it might take longer. It'll just be me, another supervisor, and one cashier. I think only the Entertainment department and the store managers will be working (and of course loss prevention). I don't work tomorrow so I have no problem with working until 1am. The other supervisor also has a day off tomorrow; but the cashier has to work tomorrow. Though, he closes so he has a late shift. 

I need to take a nap now. I have to leave in 3 hours WOOO! @__@; Heheh. 


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