Saturday, May 13, 2017

05.13.17 - Many months later...and I'm full of seasonal allergies

It's been a few months since my previous post. @__@; Whoops! 

Seasonal allergies are almost deadly this year. Normally, I don't get really bad allergies. When the time comes, I usually get a mildly itchy nose and eyes. But they don't bother me much. I don't count last year since I didn't feel it much because of my lung infection. Too busy worrying about that :P

This year though, it's absolutely terrible. My mom gets seasonal allergies quite bad, but this year it seems worse. She says she's had trouble breathing and etc. Actually, me too. This year my allergies are REALLY bad. Some days I can't breathe and feel like I'm getting my lung infection again. One night I had a hard time breathing and coughed so hard all night I lost my voice and my throat was swollen. :( 

You would think that with all the rain we've had this year it wouldn't be so bad...

Work. @__@; So our manager "C", has been with us for a few months. I thought having a manager would work well with us. It would help the supervisors not be so stressed out. They even hired new supervisors! ...Boy were we wrong. Me and J (the one that was temporary manager) seem to be stressing out even more.