05.13.17 - Many months later...and I'm full of seasonal allergies

It's been a few months since my previous post. @__@; Whoops! 

Seasonal allergies are almost deadly this year. Normally, I don't get really bad allergies. When the time comes, I usually get a mildly itchy nose and eyes. But they don't bother me much. I don't count last year since I didn't feel it much because of my lung infection. Too busy worrying about that :P

This year though, it's absolutely terrible. My mom gets seasonal allergies quite bad, but this year it seems worse. She says she's had trouble breathing and etc. Actually, me too. This year my allergies are REALLY bad. Some days I can't breathe and feel like I'm getting my lung infection again. One night I had a hard time breathing and coughed so hard all night I lost my voice and my throat was swollen. :( 

You would think that with all the rain we've had this year it wouldn't be so bad...

Work. @__@; So our manager "C", has been with us for a few months. I thought having a manager would work well with us. It would help the supervisors not be so stressed out. They even hired new supervisors! ...Boy were we wrong. Me and J (the one that was temporary manager) seem to be stressing out even more. 

The two new supervisors started around the same time he did (maybe a week apart). One was a cashier and was moved up and the other "K", was from a different department. Including "C"; we had to train them and it's like they don't even want to learn. If something happens that they don't know, they literally throw it at us and leave. Me and J's phones are constantly ringing/beeping with text messages asking for help. It's really annoying.

J and I also found out that our manager favors us which is really not fair for us and the others. He schedules me or J according to HIS schedule. We HAVE to work the same schedule he does or 90% of his shift. If he has a closing shift, me OR J has to close because he refuses to work with anyone else. It's getting so annoying. He wants us working with him because then the day is easier for him because J and I know most of the things in our department. 

Because of the above, it's stressing me and J out a lot. Also, "G", the supervisor that went on maternity leave extended her leave. Which sucks because "T" (another supervisor) found another job and is only working ONE day. And I had requested vacation days and they were approved by our corporate office already. 

Sometimes, I feel like giving up. It's gotten me and J in such a mood that we literally bitch at each other about everything (via text messages) every day. We've also become extremely bitter and "don't care". Which isn't good. We've also been looking for new jobs. Which makes me sad because I like working with some of the people. 

One of the cashiers told me to apply at his job. He works at the local airport and he deals with the car rentals and parking lot areas. He's a supervisor there and he's still working with us because... honestly, I don't know. Lol. But he's worked at my place longer than I have. He told me I should apply to do the same thing as him since they need another supervisor and he thinks I could do it. He would train me of course. I'm seriously thinking about it.

My Etsy store. I think it's funny that a few months ago my friend and I were obsessed with starting our own planner sticker shops. But things came up. For her, she started an online drawing workshop that people pay for. So she was busy with that and has kind of stopped (it's on hiatus) trying to work on the stickers. For me, I do it when I'm feeling bored. I've finished a few new sticker kits which I haven't posted or printed out yet. I'm not as obsessed about it as I originally wanted because it's not working out well for me but it's my own fault for lack of advertising. <--My own fault. My work hours have changed drastically (plus they keep changing EVERY WEEK). 

Besides, I started up my monthly subscription again for innocent+twisted Alchemy again. I had a few people ask about it so I started it up. It's at a very low number which I actually don't mind. It's easier to work on it and not so much stress. It's also a little different with the products that are included in the subscription. Instead of 3-6 products; I'm only doing 2 products. One deluxe size and one full size. I just hope people will love it. So far, so good. ^_^;

It's almost my birthday. I don't know what I'll be doing. I requested time off for my birthday (well, I took a whole week off). Most of the time, my birthday lands on a holiday which means I can't take the day off because it's a holiday where we have sales on. Which is why I do the vacation and request 2 days before my birthday so that I could get it off. I hope that made sense.

Anyway, it's almost 130 AM. I'm about to pass out. I have a closing shift tomorrow @__@; They need to stop changing my schedule. At least I get to sleep in tomorrow. 


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